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Return via Mail Lost - $850 Gone...

On Januray 18th, 2021 I've decided to return 3 items in 3 seperate orders. Due to COVID and conveniance, I had the option to mail in my returns. The BB website generated 3 seperate return labels for each of the items. I've shipped them and now it turns out that BB recieved only 2 of 3 items on January 21st, 2021.


It turns out that the 3rd, missing, item was an in-store purchase and the rep told me it would have to be returned in store. Yet the website generated a return label for it but the problem is that now my Purchase history doesn't show that item as pending return. No tracking #. Nothing. If I knew, I would have done screenshots of the label...


I've reached out to Support, both via chat and phone. They told me that they cannot do anything since they don't have the tracking number. The package should have arrived with the other 2 to their Kentucky location as they were all shipped together.


What can I do? Can someone help? Maybe search the warehouse....


I've been loyal to BB for years. Elite Plus for years. The whole shebang. But potentially loosing $850 due to a system error is unacceptable. I hope this can be resolved.

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Re: Return via Mail Lost - $850 Gone...

Hi there, adin2345,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! While I wish the circumstances had been happier, I appreciate you taking the time to create an account to share this experience with us. 


Our goal is for shopping with us to be stress-free, which we know includes having returns be easy to do as well. That's why it makes me sad to learn that your experience was not a reflection of that! I know if I was able to create a return shipping label, I'd assume I'd have the option to return the product online or in store. Our system shouldn't be creating return shipping labels for products that need to be returned to one of our stores, so I appreciate you bringing this to our attention.


Having a package get lost in transit is never fun, but I can imagine it's especially not ideal when it could impact your return on a $850 product. I'm happy to take a deeper look into this so we can explore possible options to help.


For me to get started, please use the "Private Message" option in my signature to send over your full name, phone number, email, order number and more details on the return. Once I have that, we can look into this further!



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