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Return denied and bad customer service

I brought an item that I purchased online back to the Brockton Best Buy store to return it after it did not perform the way I expected it to when I ordered it.  The manager of the store said I could not return it because it was pass the 15 day return policy.  It was day 18.  I explained I was not aware of the 15 day policy and looked on my reciept and did not see that stated anywhere.  In a very condisending way she told me it was stated on line.  I understand that it falls on me to understand the return policies but It was not stated anywhere on my reciept and I did not see it when I ordered the item.  I explained this and highlighted I was only 3 days off hoping to have some option presented to help me in my situation.  I now have a product that I paid $67 dollars for that I can't use with no options.  She was very rude and as I left, clearly upset with how I was treated she yelled "have a great day maam!"  This is not the customer servicce I would expect from any store, let alone a well respected store like Best Buy.  I find it hard to believe there are never any exceptions made or no other options given to customers in my situation.  I am very disappointed and this experience will definitely influence whether I will ever be a Best Buy Customer again.  

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Re: Return denied and bad customer service

I fail to see where this was not included on the receipt, this should be on all receipts regardless of what you purchase. In addition all of Best Buy's Return and Exchange policies are on the forums and on the official Best Buy site.Did you ask the question in the store what the return policy was before going home or purchasing the item?


Probably not. So how is this the fault of Best Buy?


I'm not saying these things to belittle you but please do some due dilligence. I was in a Best Buy store myself the other day and there are instances clearly visible in all stores. And the last receipt..... I saw the return policy at the bottom of my receipt.


Yes, exceptions can be made... But this is at a management or supervisor level and their decision is final.


I don't agree with the way you were treated, though as all customers who walk into the store should expect professionalism.


Hopefully a mod that answers your post can find some kind of resolution but in the end there are certain policies that stand if you were not allowed any accomodations.

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Re: Return denied and bad customer service

Yes I take responsibility for not being aware of the return policy as I said. It was not however on the printed receipt for the online purchase I received when I picked up the item. My bigger problem is the way I was treated and the fact that there was no flexibility or even an attempt to find a resolution to my situation. Instead I was belittled. I was 3 days late on the return window, not 30. (And side note, I have never seen a place with such a short return window) I get it, my fault for not checking but have some compassion and try and work with your customers to find a solution that can be beneficial to both parties in some way. No one wins here.
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Re: Return denied and bad customer service

Hello, Brk19,

Thanks for joining the Best Buy Forums.


We expect all of our associates to treat our customers respectfully. I'm sorry to hear that you left one of our stores feeling differently. My understanding is that our Return and Exchange period is 15 days for most customers and items (14 for mobile phones, 30 days for My Best Buy Elite members, and 45 my My Best Buy Elite Plus members). In some cases, our stores may be unable to accommodate return or exchange requests on items that are brought in outside of the return period.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your purchase? What is the item that you had purchased, and when did you pick it up from the store?



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