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Return defective cell after return date

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On Jan 9th, 2021, my husband and I went into the Highland, Indiana Best Buy to purchase a "Senior Citizen" phone for my parents (We were all involved in a bad accident, my dad suffered the worst injuries from the accident and has neurological damages and dementia, my mom's suffering stage 4 metestatic breast cancer with lesions in her bones, requiring a need for "an easy to operate" phone for them) We'd located a phone priced online at 9.99, which would allow my parents the ability to call anyone as needed, as well as providing them with the capability of placing an emergency call with the simple press of a large red emergency button. (For $20 additional monthly fee added to our phone plan)
While at Best Buy, a helpful sales rep explained that Verizon's current promo could allow my mom to utilize her pay as you go phone, while allowing us the chance to get 2 additional top notch phones (valued at over a thousand dollars each) for an extra $20 more than we'd planned on spending with an upgrade in addition to adding a line. It was an amazing deal, even though the phone I'd truly wanted, I was told, was unavailable. (The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G with 100x space zoom) and we weren't really prepared for the costs, such as set up fees and taxes, but it was a great deal, nonetheless.

Before checking out, I asked once again (after seeing an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra on display) if they had ANY in stock, if there were ANY available at any nearby stores, or if one could possibly be shipped. I was told no. I was told that the S20s were being replaced with the S21.
I was told that there were none within 200 miles.

The process to complete the sale took hours. I was very concerned about losing the photos, audios, and messages in my old phone during the transfer to the new one. The rep reassured me that everything would transfer.

After much time had passed, we'd decided to leave and continue the process from home over wifi with the given instructions.

This didn't go quite as well as planned. My phone never operated at more than 3G. Ever!
The contents of the smart switch never fully completed. I was heart broken. My only sister recently passed away and her voice and photos preserved on the phone.

Despite our difficult schedule (my mom's cancer specialists, dads doctors, and my own difficult schedule), we found time to visit the Best Buy in Merrillville to discuss some of our concerns and problems regarding our new purchase. "Graham" was very helpful in assisting with updates, which allowed my phone to finally achieve a faster speed. He also told me that THIS store DID, in fact, have the S20 ultra (& that the s20 unlocked would have worked, as well) but that the phone I had was a much better phone. He suggested I "give it a chance". He continued to say that the S20 ultra had a 100x digital zoom, which wasn't as clear as the optical zoom and laser focus on the N20 ultra was impeccable. He said the auto focus was perfected on the note and that it's functions surpassed those of the S20 ultra. He was convincing.

We again spent hours waiting on updates and finally had to leave with my phone utilizing my husband's hotspot to complete the installs/updates. Still, my phone simply was NOT RIGHT.
I continually checked for updates.
The new phone's notification settings NEVER functioned properly.
Despite the correct settings, I was never able to hear the notifications for any incoming text messages. I never received any sound notifications at all.
& Every person who would call me complained of the call quality.
This new phone was now worse than ever.
I wasnt getting the important messages sent by my daughter from school or the text messages from my mom. The calls were especially difficult for my parents to hear.
Every day, I was prompted to reenter my samsung password and email. Then, my phone would deny the credentials and i was forced to reset the password every day.

I've been with Verizon for as long as i can recall. I actually cannot recall EVER being with anyone else.
I've been a long time satisfied customer of Best Buy. I've always encouraged my family and friends to purchase their laptops, appliances, and phones from Best Buy. (I'd JUST helped my parents purchase their washer and dryer this past June from the Best Buy in Merrillville.)
I realize there are guidelines as far as standard protocol for returns; however, I feel I was the one misinformed from the start. I was told the phone that i truly wanted was unavailable. Then, after complaining several times, I was guided through some of the steps, only to ultimately have to complete the remaining steps on my own. Most of the problems were left unresolved, and now, I'm being told that the phone is likely defective, but I've waited too long to return it.
Just a moment! I have tried several times to make things right, to get help, despite my hectic schedule and life.

I'm personally not in "an ideal" situation to spend days at a time at Best Buy attempting to "fix" my BRAND NEW thousand dollar phone; & LET'S NOT FORGET, this is anything but typical....We're in the midst of a pandemic! My grandmother died of Covid, My parents are both very ill with compromised immune systems. My mom is literally DYING! (I try hard to avoid being out in public, as i have to ensure my mom and dads health and safety.. my mom's without any defense.. her white blood cell count is INCREDIBLY LOW.)
I was hospitalized on the 17th (I've been diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a kindney stone, dermoid cyst on my ovary), and I'll need to have surgery again at northwestern. soon. We had a snow storm on the 25th/26th.
We DID return to the best buy for the 3rd time in Merrillville on Jan 29th to discuss the continued problems with my phone. "Javier" worked with me and confirmed everything I'd said regarding the notifications. He said this phone must be defective. He also noted the repeated Samsung prompts. He was as frustrated as I was! He waited for the manager to help me, in hopes that the phone could be marked "defective" and possibly traded for another, but, no...after speaking with the manager (Jesse) however; I was told that my 14 days had expired.

To think, I was actually expecting an apology.
I was anticipating an easy exchange; exemplary customer service, in exchange for the many problems I'd faced. I'd felt I'd been mislead to purchase a phone incompatible with the one I truly wanted; being the one misinformed about the functions of the S20 Ultra and TOLD it was unavailable and nowhere to be found within 200 miles, (when it was in fact, available in several stores across Indiana and Illinois).
I was expecting for the management to be especially accommodating, knowing my circumstances and the steps I'd taken and the measures and lengths I'd gone to "settle" and make this work.
I'm beyond frustrated. I may never shop at another Best Buy again. I may choose to go thru a different phone carrier, as well. I simply feel betrayed.


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Re: Return defective cell after return date

Have you tried contacting samsung directly? It should have a warranty thru them.
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Re: Return defective cell after return date

The Samsung rep wasn't avail at the time, but i was told that they had very strict perimeters as far as the length of time to return the phone and that i had waited too long.
Thank you, btw, for your suggestion
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Re: Return defective cell after return date

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Good afternoon Mrs. {removed per forum guidelines}

I hope you’re staying safe! My name is Amanda, and I’m with Best Buy’s Executive Resolution team that handles all customer service inquiries on behalf of our CEO and various executives. Thank you for reaching out regarding your recent phone purchase, especially as I understand things didn’t exactly go according to plan. It’s understandable why this would be frustrating, and I appreciate you giving us a chance to further address your concerns.

I have reviewed your email to our executive and I am so sorry for everything you and your family has gone through this last year, it has been difficult enough without any additional stress. In reviewing your account and purchase we are not able to offer a return or return exchange on the phone, no matter how much we would like to. The phone was purchased on an upgrade with your Verizon plan, when a phone is purchased and activated with a carrier Best Buy is unable to make exceptions to the return policy. I did see in your email that you believe the phone is defective, the manufacture does have a one year warranty on the phone. We would suggest reaching out to the manufacture to seek a replacement due to the unit being defective. I apologize again for not being able to offer you a better solution through Best Buy.

Thank you,

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Re: Return defective cell after return date



That email is correct, unfortunately. Best Buy is a reseller, in this case they simply sell a Verizon device with Verizon financing for a small cut. Once the return policy has passed, Verizon starts billing for the phone, and it's not something that Best Buy can reverse. Honestly, I don't believe your phone is "defective". Everything you describe sounds like a software issue. I never recommend transferring data from an old phone with any kind of automatic data transfer app, like the Smart Switch. From your explanation, it sounds like there were several issues with the transfers and there are likely some corrupted files or settings on the phone now, and that's probably why it's acting up (BTW, a Note 20 Ultra is a MUCH better phone than the S20 Ultra, no question about it. I had both and returned the S20 Ultra after one week going back to Note 10 at that time, then to Note 20 Ultra. The camera quality alone was a huge dealbreaker. The S20 Ultra is terrible!).


Sorry, but it's probably pointless trying to continue to return the phone. Verizon and Best Buy will just keep pointing fingers at each other. In my opinion the best option is to carefully move all important data to a computer, make sure the contact are backed up to Google, and then do a factory reset and set it up as a new phone. Yes it will take some time to transfer your data back to it and to download all the apps, but this way the phone should work as expected.


Let us know if you need some tips on how to set up contacts back up or move files to a PC manually. @mention me by putting the @ in front of my username, and I'll be happy to help with whatever I can!

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Re: Return defective cell after return date

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the honest advice. For me, the better front cam with 40? megapixels, faster charge, and extended battery life, along with the silly space zoom were the amazing selling features which had me sold on the s20 ultra, (as i spend so much time taking pics of the moon), but everything you've said about the N20 ultra compared to the S20 ultra is ALL I'm continuously hearing. It was recommended to me by the associates at Best buy to take the phone to icracked or another similar company to identify whatever issues are causing the notification errors and continuous Samsung issues. I suppose i was just bothered by the fact that its a brand new phone and I've had so many problems. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not exactly "techy", but I've had Samsung Galaxy androids for as long as I can recall. You're really very kind to offer your help. Thank you so much. I will now swallow my pride and adapt ~while learning to somehow correct whatever it is that's happened to this phone.. sigh! Thank you, again!
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Re: Return defective cell after return date

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Hi, AnnMarieAndros,


Thanks for reaching out to us on the Best Buy Forums regarding your experience. I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you've had with your new phone, and I offer well wishes to your parents through this difficult time. I imagine this has been a tough year for you, and I know at Best Buy, we certainly don't want to make things and more difficult with the issues with your phone here.


We appreciate you reaching out and sharing your concerns. I see that our Executive Support Team sent a response to you. At this time, our position remains unchanged, but please feel free to reach out to us for any other support not directly related to this situation in the future.


Thank you,



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