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Return Policy

Three and half weeks ago I purchased a monitor, docking station and two cords to finish my home office set up. The sales person on the original transaction was great.  He wasn't sure what cords came with the monitor and I said just give me a couple I may need and I would return what I didn't use.


It turns out I did not need either extra cord or adapter purchased so I took them back to the Best Buy in Rockwall #1417.  I was greeted by a very nice associate and she began to process my return.  After she discovered they were purchased in October it was as if I handed her a grenade and everything went downhill from there.  She called a manager and said I would only be able to get store credit.  I was shocked, I had no idea that on the 16th day unopened and unused cords became radioactive.  I was then treated as if I was doing something wrong and was an inconvenience.


I asked to speak to a manager as I was sure this could not be the case. The cords were just as I received them and were never opened, used or anything.  I asked the manager if my card could be refunded and he just looked at me like I was a moron and said store credit is the best he can do and acted like he was doing me a favor with this gesture.


I responded that this was horrible customer service to which his reply was a snarky gothchya of "It has been like this  for 4 years so....".  I then received my $57.35 gift card.  At this point I would rather burn it than use it.  I am amazed and saddened that a $57.35 gift card versus refund to my Best Buy card is worth losing a customer over.  I am still in shock that this level of customer service is even thing at a successful retail outlet in today’s hyper competitive climate.


I have been a Best Buy customer for years.  After this experience I will, without question, find any other way to purchase items than go to Best Buy.  I totally get 14 or 15 days for major electronics or big-ticket items.  But a VGA cord and adapter?  Seriously?  This is a horrible and customer unfriendly return policy for cords.  It is 2019.  Folks are busy with work, kids, activities and everything else.  I had to plan well in advance how to carve out 1 hour to do the return.  Had the salesperson originally said "Hey make sure you bring those cords back in 15 days or all we can do is store credit" I surely would have made it more of a priority.


Even the receipt says “15-day return policy on almost everything else”?  Define almost.  If cords aren't the exception what is?  I am still just shocked.  You let me down today Best Buy... you really let me down. 


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Re: Return Policy

The vast majority of items come with the 15 day policy denoted on the receipt.  The exceptions to this policy are items like contract phones (limited to 14 days instead of 15 because of the contract you sign with your phone carrier), consumable items (such as food, drinks, and batteries all of which are final sale items).  Based on your current MyBestBuy Elite status, it could also be extended for you as well.  You can read the full return/exchange promise in store or posted online here:


It does sound like the store was able to make an exception for you and provide a return for store credit.  This should have been presented as a positive, since ordinarily items out of the return window do not qualify for return.  While it is true our return policy has not changed in years, outside of a few small tweaks, this is not necessary as part of the conversatoin.  We're aware that shoppers don't alway frequent our stores.  I am glad the store was willing to make the exception and return the unneeded items for credit.  

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Re: Return Policy

I dont realy understand the big deal with the store credit. You said you have been a customer for years, wouldn't you use it eventually anyway?
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Re: Return Policy

Sure. But as a customer I prefer to spend my money on my terms and not theirs. I don’t understand the big deal with refunding my card versus giving me a gift card. Perhaps I am spoiled by Target and other retailers customer friendly return policy.
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Re: Return Policy

Hi, Petej17,


Thanks very much for getting in touch with us here on the Best Buy Community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to sign up for an account to talk about this.


As noted above, our Return & Exchange Promise provides most customers a 15-day return window on most products. We do our best to make that as clear and straightforward as possible by listing it on our receipts, posting it online, and posting it in our stores.


The store made an exception for you by providing a store credit rather than denying the return. That said, I'd be happy to double-check this for you to make sure that you don't qualify for an extended return period as an Elite or Elite Plus My Best Buy member. If you think you might be, please send in a private message through the link in my signature. I'll need your name, email address, phone number, and the customer service PIN from the receipt, if you have it.



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