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Return- No Receipt (Item has a Serial #)

I received an item as a gift that I want to return for store credit. I went to the store to return it today, and after much back and forth they said I could return it. The rep needed an over ride from the manager. The manager did the over ride, but then he said the system would not let him return it because there is a serial # associated with the product. Is there any way around this? I can’t ask for the receipt from the person that purchased it.

The item is active in all of the stores in my area and is in stock. It’s a Sonos soundbar speaker, currently priced at $699. Any help is appreciated!
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Re: Return- No Receipt (Item has a Serial #)

Generally they can attempt to find the receipt with the serial number, which may allow you to return it. If that comes up short, there are not really any other options. In this instance, the manager would be correct in that they are unable to return the item.

You may need to partner with the gift giver and see if they can acquire the receipt for you.
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