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Return Fraud at Algonquin IL Store


We attempted to return a non-working PS5. The console was had for 3 days when it just stopped working. It would not power up. We returned it to the store of purchase - the Algonquin Illinois store. They looked at the unit and said they would take the return. Then they took the PS5 into the back room and didn't return for 15 minutes.

Once someone returned they said oh we can't take it back it is leaking.

Now this unit was not leaking anything when it was packed up and brought it in. But suddenly after removing it from view for 15 minutes, it is suddenly leaking lubricant? And it just happens to be leaking this lubricant from the power cord location. They refused to accept the blame, and they accused my brother of destroying the machine. 

After speaking with a friend of mine who works at another best buy location in geek squad, I was told that what likely happened is they tried to blow air into the power cord connection (a common attempt to make things work), grabbed lubricant instead, and freaked out when they blew the lubricant into the machine - and the store does not want to take responsibility or the tech is trying to cover his butt - so they are blaming us. Yeah this isn't going to fly. 

I am amazed that you allow this kind of fraud to take place. I need to speak to someone who can make this situation right. Can someone help me with this? 

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Re: Return Fraud at Algonquin IL Store

Oh, another thing. In all my years of buying / returning / getting support from best buy, never ONCE has someone removed my item out of my view. They opened returns in front of me and verified everything right there. 

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Re: Return Fraud at Algonquin IL Store

Good afternoon, achrae,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your recent experience at our Best Buy Algonquin store. As someone on the hunt for a PlayStation 5, I can only imagine your disappointment for this to stop working so soon after you purchased it. I'd be glad to help review what options we may have to assist you.


After doing some digging, I see that you've been in contact with us via Facebook. I would recommend continuing to work with us there to help prevent any confusion assisting you moving forward.


Please let us know if we can assist you with any other matters!

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Return Fraud at Algonquin IL Store

It was twitter.

They replied but didn't take care of the situation. They do not seem to be listening to what I am telling them, and instead have come back with there is nothing they can do because the store explained why they can't take it back. 

But they did not explain why they shot lubrication into the PS5 and blamed us for it.

They didn't explain why they removed the PS5 out of view for 15 minutes while they checked it. Never in over a decade of returning/exchanging items have they EVER taken it out of view. They can say whatever they want but I know the only thing wrong with this PS5 before it was brought in was it stopped turning on. 

An employee there made a mistake and is refusing to take accountability for this mistake and instead passed the blame.

This is unacceptable.