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Return Denied


I went to return a product today and my return was denied, even though it was within 15 days and the box was unopened.

I purchased a converter to convert VHS tapes into digital copies. Apparently, the hardware also came with software and therefore the Best Buy service desk said they could not accept the return because all sales of software are final. 

I have reviewed the Best Buy Return Policy and no where does it make this claim.  When I asked the service desk representatives to point me to the policy, they said they were given this directive from corporate. 

Were these representatives correct? It seems disingenious to advertise a universal 15-day return program (even mentioned to me at purchase) and then say that the policy/program does not apply to sofwtare. 




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Re: Return Denied

Entertainment products: 

Opened computer software, movies, music, video games, books, video game guides and sheet music can only be exchanged for an identical item.

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Re: Return Denied


Thanks for the reply but it doesn't address my question.

The computer software was unopened, so the line you've copy/pasted does not really apply here.