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Return Denied



         I am a university student (2nd year). Four days ago (Saturday) I bought a Dell monitor + a keyboard in order to build my gaming set up. As soon as I got back into my room and boot up the monitor, I realize that this monitor doesn't have speakers. Immedietely I returned to Best Buy and return the item (only 2 hours after buying it), the people there said that they don't have monitors with speakers so exchanged the monitor for a wireless headphone (bose) and an amazon 4k stick.

         When I got home I hate how the wireless earphone fits into my ear (they keep falling out) so immedietely I returned the next day to change to a different earphone (also to return the 4k stick because it isn't compatible with the TV I have). I wanted to try out the Jabra Elite 65T before making an exchange for them but the lady said they don't allow testing for that item. I exchanged them and tested them right in store (in front of the exchange counter). They sounded even worst than Bose so I evetually exchanged to a wired earphone instead of a wiresless one. There were no issues and I was happy. 

      Fast forward to today (wednesday) I finally got my tax money back and decided to bring both my wired earphone and the keyboard (first transaction) I bought in order to exchange + top up for a long-awaited laptop! (I needed to return the earphone and keyboard back in order to have enough money). The guy said since the earphone and the laptop are different transactions so he processed the earphone as an exchange and top up ( I paid $1720 more). However when its time to return the keyboard he printed a total of 3 slips and gave it to me. The first slip said that "Warning your return has been approved but you may not be able to return in the future". The second slip said that "sorry your return has been denied" and the third slip said that "your return has been denied" I read the time and those slips are 2 minutes away from each other. 

       So right now I am extremely scared and regret and frustrated because not only did I chose the wrong laptop to buy (the laptop CPU hits 85*C and the fan sounds like a jet only web surfing and watching movies) but I can't even return the keyboard. I called the best buy customer service and they said that they would have allowed me to return both the keyboard and the laptop but they said they can only process online orders. I am extremely scared because I did not want to be in this situation. I clears my schedule and even skip my class to come to Best Buy (1 hour away from my university) immedietely in order to return any item that I had problem with (because I didn't want to take advantage and use them for long). Please keep in mind that this series of event only happen within 4 days. I really want to return my laptop and keyboard, they are brand new and nothing is wrong with them when the lady checked but the lady said that the system wouldn't let her. Please if someone could help me out I would really appriciate it because I have to skip class tomorrow in order to get this resolved because I don't want to be in trouble. Thank you for reading.

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Re: Return Denied

Hello and thank you for reaching out to us and sharing this experience.


I am sorry to hear that you've had some challenges with the products you've purchased.  Did the manager you referenced in your message provide you with a number to call concerning your returns?



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Re: Return Denied


I came to the store to refund my laptop, the laptop refund was successful however the keyboard remains denied. I contacted TRE while in store and they said I have been banned from returning any items at best buy for 1 year effective since April 2 (which was 2 days ago?). Not only was I am able to return my laptop without any problem but also I did got get a chance to be warned or alarmed about the returning problems - two factors which contribute to my frustration and confusion of this whole thing. On yesterday night after I bought the laptop and then return the keyboard. The lady just told me to sign in order to make my return and then proceeds to print out three different slips - first one was a warning second one was a denied the third one was a denied. She gave those 3 slips to me at the same time and said that call that number and talk to them in order to process my return. I called them and they are very unhelpful as all they can do is send me my return report in which I have all the receipts in hand (its not like someone bought anything else in my name). Again, I don't mind keeping the keyboard but being banned from returning any items at best buy is a poor business practice by you guys because you are literally driving off customers. The store manager there was also unhelpful as he keep pointing fingers at TRE and TRE pointing fingers back at Best Buy. Moreover, the fact I DID NOT get any chance to be informed that there was such problem/ policy really frustrates me to the extreme. The lady literally just print all 3 slips and handed to me at once. All I know was that the first time I bought the keyboard the guy said just come back and return it anytime you want before the 15 days and change it to another one to your liking. I feel really deceived and insulted both in store and in calls. I literally take out my time to come back to best buy ASAP in order to change my previous items because I did not want to take advantage of Best Buy's return policy and all I did was following the worker's words. They told me to buy the headphones test it in store if I don't like it I could change it in store again which I did right in front of their desk. I am the president of the Asian ethnicity club at Bentley University and I will make sure that EVERYONE I know will be warned off Best Buy for their terrible customer service and deceitful practice. Throughout the whole process I was really nice and apprehensive, trying to talk to everyone and be understanding but I realize no one was willing to help and keeping pointing fingers at the problem in which I HAD 0 FAULT IN. I took my time, skipped my classes to travel 30 minutes to Best Buy when there was a problem with my product instead of keeping and using them until the deadline so that the product would depreciates even further and THIS is how Best Buy treats me. I am only a university student but I will do anything in my power to get everyone AWAY from Best Buy. Oh and for the record you can check my customer history purchase, I bought a total of 3 laptops in Florida when I was in highschool there and never returned any items because I was happy with it. And now this is how Best Buy treats me. The ridiculousness is beyond my comprehension.
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Re: Return Denied

Hello, hainguyen123123,


We appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your full experience with us. I understand how concerning it would be to learn that you’re not able to make a return. We’d like to discuss your concerns with you further over private message. I’ve sent you one and you can check it by ensuring you’re logged into your forum profile then by selecting the orange envelope in the top right-hand corner.



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