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Return Declined

I chose and bought an iPhone XS Max with a storage of 64GB based on the salesperson's suggestion that 256GB would be an overkill (he said he had an X with 64GB for over a year and it still has 23GB of free storage).


I was told that I could exchange it within 14 days if I felt that I would need more storage space. I was presented with, and agreed to, the policy that I might end up paying up to $45 restocking fees.


After finishing some errands, I recalled several people telling me within the past year how they have been struggling with their 64GB and 128GB storage space.


After two hours of leaving BB, I returned to the store (around 9:35 - closing was at 10:00 pm) and asked if it was okay to exchange the smaller size with the larger one; the salesperson confirmed my request.


The person who handled my request did not really know how to do the exchange, so he kept on asking around and time was passing by; this was not good. I asked the person if it was okay, I could come back tomorrow but he said that I would not get the Black Friday deal; he assured me that it was okay even though the store was closing.


At 10:15 pm, I was told that my return was declined and that I was banned from exchanging the device with the one I want. I was given a phone number to call and that I would get only a report but the ban would not be lifted.


I tried to talk to the department manager, I was turned down.


My purchase decision was based on many variables, including the salesperson suggestions, my personal research, others advice, and finally the fact that I was told I could exchange if I need to (without providing a notion that I might have the exchange declined).


I was given the rules and I tried to abide by them, however, Best Buy did not stand by its words (at least what I was told, the agreements I confirmed, and exceptions I was presented with at the time of the purchase).


If Best Buy doesn't like to help me, while sending me willingly to a 3rd party company that does AI, I would like to confirm that fact. I will be filling a complaint with the state, consumer protection, and Better Business Bureau. You cannot offer something just to get a customer to sign and pay, but then deny them what you confirmed earlier to be their right (return or exchange with 14 days).


I am a customer of many years at the store and never anticipated that I would be treated in such a way.



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Re: Return Declined

Hello Hazemusa,


Welcome back to the forum.  One thing I take seriously as a consumer is my ability to return or exchange any products that don't meet my needs, so I can understand why this may have come as a shock to you when you couldn't return your new phone to our store.  I'd like to look into this for you, but I'll need some additional information first.  Please keep an eye out for a private message heading your way shortly, which you can view by logging into the forum and selecting the orange envelope at the top of the page.


I'm grateful you wrote to us with your concerns.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Return Declined

Hello Sam and thanks for the prompt response.

I will post a reply to your pm.