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Repricing an incorrectly labeled open box purchase



I'm trying to get some money refunded for an open box item I purchased, which was labeled as being in a better condition than it was.


I recently purchased an LG G1 55" TV from the Lynwood Outlet store. The TV was labeled "Satisfactory", and the outlet label said all accessories were in the box. I asked to open the box at the store, but was told that wasn't possible and that the label was correct. When I opened the TV at home I found that it was missing the wall mount and the plastic covers for the wire tracks.


The wall mount is a vital accessory for the G1: the TV doesn't come with any kind of stand, since it's intended to be wall mounted. I can't use use the TV until I get a mount or stand. Since "vital accessories missing" is something that Best Buy's standards only list as "Fair", I decided to reach out to the store to see if they could help.


I called the store yesterday (11/3) and was able to speak with a manager (Stephanie). She was very informative, which I really appreciated. Ultimately, she told me that if I returned the TV, she could relabel it as "Fair" and resell it to me. The price might rise, though, and she couldn't help me if it did. She said there was no way to see what the price would be beforehand as creating a test label would mess up the store's inventory. Apart from that, she said I could return the TV for a refund. She briefly apologized for the inconvenience. Since I want to keep the TV and didn't want to risk a price increase, I decided to call the national customer service line to see if they could help.


After the representative [Ry? I didn't hear his name clearly.] looked into my situation, he told me the only thing I might be able to do is to drive out to the Lynwood Outlet store, call the customer service hotline on my phone from there, and put Stephanie on the line to talk to him. The two of them might be able to work something out.


The store is 30-40 minutes away from where I live. I don't want to spend the time or the gas driving out there, so I thought I'd set up a 3-way call between the store, myself, and the customer service line instead. However, Stephanie was busy in the office when I called back yesterday, and the several times I've tried to call today I haven't received an answer. (I was told yesterday that the store is short-staffed and unable to man the phone; there's no voicemail option.)


I paid for an item that I was promised was "Satisfactory" but was only "Fair", an item that I was promised had all accessories but actually was missing several (and whose condition I tried to check before I left the store, but wasn't allowed to). I want to get the cost difference back without driving out to the store, without returning the item, and without having to spend hours more on the phone. Will someone here please help me do that?


Thank you,


Grant Parker

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Re: Repricing an incorrectly labeled open box purchase

Good Morning, Grant.


Welcome to the Best Buy Community Forums. I certainly understand how you are feeling after purchasing an open box television that was missing different accessories than matched the label. I am thrilled to hear that Stephanie was able to reach out to you directly and work with you on solutions for this situation. Since open-box products are entirely handled in our stores, you would need to continue working with Stephanie and the rest of the store leadership team in order to find a solution that works best for you. 


I would be happy to look further into this with you. Please feel free to send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address.


Kindest regards,

Bobby|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Repricing an incorrectly labeled open box purchase

Hi Bobby,


Thank you for the reply. I called customer service again today (hoping to connect them with Stephanie), and they were able to process a 10% refund for the TV without needing to talk to her or go through the store. I appreciate your offer for assistance!


Best regards,


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Re: Repricing an incorrectly labeled open box purchase

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