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Reinvigorating the customer experience

I was just reading an article in Forbes about Best Buy's attempt to compete with the Amazon effect by "reinvigorating the customer experience". Seems like a good idea. I know I still go into Best Buy to shop in person to buy things right away, usually on impulse, plus I've always bought my TV's there.

So today I got a little more invigoration than I expected. I had bought an unlocked phone and found that the display glitched briefly from time to time. I thought no problem, it's broken they'll replace it. Imagine my surprise when I found out the restocking fee applies even if the phone is broken. That's right, they can sell you a phone and charge you $35 ($36 in my case) to replace it.

The clerk kept saying, you agreed it to, you agreed to it. While that may be the case, I kind of wonder how many people think it applies to a broken item.

So, the real moral here is $36 is what it took for Best Buy to lose a customer and Amazon to gain one. I want to option to return broken items without a charge, I don't need a clerk to keep telling me what I agreed to when it doesn't seem responsible to think someone will understand it costs money to return a broken item.

While I've split my purchases between Amazon and Best Buy that's easy enough to switch in the Amazon direction. I've also found I can return a phone broken or not and Amazon won't tell you about the "industry standard" restocking fee. You want to invigorate a customer? Be better, do away with tired industry standards, let people know they can bring back broken items without a charge. $36, thats what it took Best Buy to lose a great customer.

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Re: Reinvigorating the customer experience

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Hello scoobygang,


Getting a new phone is very exciting! I’m sorry to hear that the one you picked up at your local Best Buy might’ve been defective. I appreciate the time you’ve taken out of your day to share your feedback regarding your return experience with us.  


Our Return & Exchange Promise shares that a restocking fee should apply to cell phones that are able to be activated, but a fee shouldn't apply if the product has not been opened. Did you discuss your concerns regarding the restocking fee with a member of leadership at your local Best Buy? Was your local Best Buy able to duplicate the glitching issue on your phone that prompted you to believe it was defective? I’d be happy to ensure that your concerns, and feedback are documented here at our Corporate Office. Can you please send me a private message with your phone number, and the Customer Service Pin off of your return receipt? You can send me a private message by choosing the blue “Private Message” button next to my name at the bottom.



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