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Refused to price match and were rude about it

I had a similar problem at one of the stores in Las Vegas, NV. For weeks, I was waiting for the Samsung Q90 75" television to arrived at the store, but when it didn't happen, I asked them to order the TV for me. That is when the game started, at first, they were charging me $3,299 for the TV plus $349.00 for a two years extended warranty that I didn't ask for it. When I questioned the charges, the so-called store manager (white female, blonde hair) got upset and told that they pick and choose what to price match. There were two other males present, and the tall white male with black hair was so rude to me in front of the store manager and mocking me.


The female manager never put a stop to it.


I can't believe she was the store manager. Best Buy store used to be better, they will go all out for customer satisfaction but not this trend.


Thank God for online shopping. I got the same TV for $2,199 plus a two years extended warranty for $74.00.


I felt humiliated and embarrassed when I left the store, so I will never buy from BestBuy again.

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Re: Refused to price match and were rude about it

You are not supposed to be charged for anything you do not want. The procedure should have been explained to you by a Blue Shirt or Geek Squad prior to adding a warranty and you have the right to decline,


This does not sound like proper Best Buy protocol


Also price matching applies to in stock items. Since they had to order it for you, you may not get any price match. But still be eligible for the return policy if you need it.


I went to a store a long time ago to buy a simple television and the store employee tried real hard to add the HDMI cable and when I got to the checkout, lo and behold it was in my cart, I told them I never added it to the cart and they removed it from the bill


From what I understand they may have had some kind of quota to sell warranties although I am pretty sure there is no comission to anything. Customers are always required to consent YES / NO prior to asking for a warranty but can add it within a certain amount of time after purchase.


BBY Staff can help in this area more.

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Re: Refused to price match and were rude about it

Hello, Victor216,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our community forums. We strive to provide expert service at all of our store locations and it sounds like your visit didn't meet these standards. I would certainly like to take a closer look into this to make sure your feedback gets to the right place.


I am a bit confused by your post. You mentioned that you were waiting for this TV to arrive at the store, did you have an order place before your visit? You also mentioned price matching, can you please clarify how this was a factor? Can you please clarify what happened with these employees and what the name of the store manager you spoke to was?


I'd also like to document this here at our Corporate Campus and will need some more details to do so. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number


You can send me a private message by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post? I look forward to hearing back from you.

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