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Refused Curbside pickup for high risk covid

I found a graphics card on that I liked and had local pickup, but I wanted it price matched with amazon. I got connected with a chat agent and asked her to price match, after price matching she offered to send me a secure purchase link, I agreed. She then asked for my shipping address, I declined and asked for curbside pickup. She said no problem and created the link, I was informed I would get an email to let me know when my order was ready for pickup.


Let me preface this by stating I have a asthma and high risk immuno compromised at home. I do NOT go into stores in my situation the risk is to great.


1:16 PM: I am 5 minutes away from bestbuy and I get the email that my order is ready for pick up.


1:21 PM: I arrive in front of the best buy at 1431 Coral Ridge Ave, Coralville, IA 52241. 


I see a sign that states curbside pickup available from 10am-6pm, no phone number, no other instructions. I google the stores phone number and after dealing with the IVR I found myself double parked in a mall listening to elevator music. 


1:36PM Ive been on the phone for almost 15 minutes, its been rinning for 6 of those minutes. I decided to call back and select a different department.


1:51PM after listening to the phone ring for another 15 minutes I relize noone is picking up the phone there. I call customer service


2:05PM After explaining the situation to an overseas agents multipule times I ask him to please call them. He says he cant, I ask him how as a high risk persons I am suppose to get curbside pickup if I cannot tell them I am here, he laughs...I hang up and decide to go into the store


As soon as i walk in I tell the guy at the door handing out the mask that Ive been waiting outside for 45 minutes for a curbside pickup becuase noone will pick up the phone, I told him I was high risk and had immno compromised individuals I lived with. I asked him to send out a manager to talk to.


He refused, he said i needed to sign up for curbside pickup when i placed the order. And that was the only way to get somone to bring out it. And if i went back to my car noone would help me.


I was directed to the service desk who had my order there and ready.


On my way out I asked the guy at the door what the name of the general manager is. he said "Thats me" I asked his name he said "Andrew" I asked his last name he said "Just Andrew"


Hopefully I dont wind up with COVID over this, im still seething over the lack of process, the mangers disregaurd for my or my familys safty in place of policy, and customer services complete inability to deal with a local issue.

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Re: Refused Curbside pickup for high risk covid

Hello, Kevin_Lloyd, 


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for reaching out, though I wish you had found us under better circumstances. Shopping with us for a graphics card and price matching to a competitor under our Price Match Guarantee should be a simple process. Under the current climate, and having a spouse with asthma as well, I definitely understand wanting to take appropriate precautions and utilize our Curbside Pickup. 


With that said, I'm truly sorry to hear that Curbside Pickup may not have been selected as our chat agent assisted you in placing the order. Should this have been selected, there would have been simple instructions within the email notifying you the order was ready for pickup on how to notify the store of your arrival. Furthermore, I apologize that you had such difficulties receiving support when reaching out and speaking with Andrew at our Coralville, IA store regarding your experience. 


While I know this experience was far from what you expected, I can assure you that the measures we are taking in store are to help ensure our customers' and employees' safety as well. I would be delighted to ensure this is appropriately documented here at the Corporate Office. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page for my private message. 



Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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