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Refund for a product

Hi there, I had recently purchased an Asus M15 zephyrus 4K laptop from the best buy website, which I had picked up on 6/22 at the Pleasant Hill location in California. Taking the product home I realized the purchase was not necessarily what I had hoped for and later returned the product that same day. I had it returned and was to be expecting a refund for the product which I rang up for at the customer service counter, was handed a receipt that said the money would be refunded to my VISA/bank account. I checked my account today, 7/4/20, and I have still not received my refund to my account. I just wanted to follow up given that it was a large amount of money, was 12 business days ago, and would like an update on when I should most likely be expecting it back 

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Re: Refund for a product

If you have a receipt that shows the item was returned and the total at the bottom listed as refunded are correct, it has been passed to your bank.  At that point, they would be in a better position to answer the question you're asking.  


Based on your description, I'm assuming it is a Visa branded debit card tied directly to a bank account?  If so, these generally take 3-5 business days.  However, some banks take up to a full billing cycle for whatever reason.

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Re: Refund for a product

According to the posts, some of those online only banks have been denying return transactions also. Who does that, would a scammer really try to put money into your account?