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Refund Request

I purchased a mobile hotspot device on 1/6/23, the device never worked, I was never able to successfully activate the device.  I decided to try to return it today and was told I could not return it because it was beyond 15 days.  I have spent thousands of dollars at Best Buy. I was sold a product that does not work and will never work, it's basically a $50 paperweight at this point, when I returned it should not make any difference.  Please let me know if you are willing to part ways with my business over $54.48 because I am.

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Re: Refund Request

Hi, mikec205,


Welcome to our Forums. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us here. I understand how frustrating it is when something does not work. I am happy to look into this and see what options are available to us at this time. 


Please send a Private Message with your name, phone number, and email so I may pull up the purchase and research this. 



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