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Refund Denied In Store - I had my receipt and the purchase was one day ago - good ole Best Buy

One day ago August 13, 2019 I went to Best Buy on West Saginaw Highway located in Lansing MI. My reason to go there is because I wanted to purchase a subwoofer that the Best Buy website said the Lansing store had in stock. I actually went there the day previous as well but the employee scanned the product and it rang up for $10,000 - that is not a typo, the product rang up for 10k and the employee told me it must be a stocking error and they don’t have the product the one he scanned is not for sale so I went home. I returned to Best Buy yesterday when I had more patience and the young man who helped me out this time was a completely different story. I told him what happened the day prior and he was able to quickly troubleshoot the situation and find out what was wrong. The store had the product in stock the whole time but the box they originally scanned was the display model so he went in the back and found the other box returned to checkout and I purchased it and went on my way.<br><br>Wait a minute we’re talking about Best Buy.. it can’t be that simple right? That’s right, because the $400 subwoofer blew within 30 minutes of being hooked to the amplifier. Started smoking and went stiff the voice coils were fried. Kicker states on the box that the sub does 750 watts RMS so I had it hooked up to an amplifier that was feeding the speaker 750 watts RMS power. <br><br>I figured it was a fluke and just a unlucky thing. I was wrong. I went to Best Buy in Jackson MI about 35 miles away because they were the closest store that had the speaker in stock. I exchanged the speaker for a new one and this is what the Best Buy worker told me before I left. “If you have any trouble with this one, maybe it blows or doesn’t work right then you can bring it back to this location or any Best Buy location within the first 14 days” .. I’m a Best Buy elite plus member so I can actually bring it back within 45 days but that’s not the point. The point is that Best Buy’s return policy claims the same thing but remember it’s Best Buy it cant be that simple can it? <br><br>Nope, it sure can’t be that simple! That speaker lasted for the drive home and then an hour or so in the morning before what do you know this $400 piece of trash blows just like the first one! At this point I give up I have made the decision to never buy anything made by kicker again and I purchased some alpine type r speakers but I was Smart this time and bought them from crutchfield, not Best Buy. <br><br>You guys know about Best Buy’s return “promise” right? Someone should advise Best Buy what promise actually means because this is what they say on the website <br>“We at Best Buy work hard every day to enrich the lives of our customers through technology, whether you come to us online, visit our stores or invite us into your home. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, let us help you with a replacement, return or repair.”<br><br>However, when you actually go in the store and have the defective product and also have your receipt from one day ago, apparently that is out of the window. Because I wasted 53 minutes inside Best Buy in Lansing MI on Saginaw Hwy today while an employee who thought he was the return god told me to hang tight as he helped two other customers while I stood there waiting on them because obviously they were very important customers who were granted priority service over people who were before them in the line. Anyways after he helped those very important people he came back over to me and said “yeah I can’t return that” I was shocked. I asked him what? He said “I can’t return that because that’s the second one” .... wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute... if you can’t return this defective product because it’s the second defective product I had to return then shouldn’t the answer actually be more along the lines of Best Buy needs to not sell me two defective products????? How am I being penalized for this? Does this worker get some kind of secret pleasure from telling customers they can’t return products that are defective when they have a receipt and also they are well within the return period???! Is he the almighty Best Buy cashier who gets to decide on Best Buy’s return policy on a customer by customer basis and it all depends on how he is feeling at that exact moment? This is so rediculous that it is somewhat funny. But don’t get it confused it’s not that funny because now I’m stuck with a blown crappy speaker and I’m out $400?? Nope that’s not how this will end. I have filed complaints with my attorney general Dana Nessel, and The Better Business Bureau. I will be disputing this purchase with my credit union, I will never spend another dollar at Best Buy ever again and I will make sure that none of my friends, family members, or colleagues do either. <br><br>I don’t even know why I bothered taking time to write this because remember this is Best Buy we’re talking about here, the company that is known for overpriced products and treating their customers like dirt.
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Re: Refund Denied In Store - I had my receipt and the purchase was one day ago - good ole Best Buy

Good morning, DLDavis,


Welcome to our community forum and thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience with these purchases. Having any product stop working and start smoking, especially two in a row. While our Return & Exchange Promise does allow is to help with many products, products that have been damaged are excluded. With that said we certainly don't expect the same product to stop working almost as soon as you plug it in. It sounds like you are already taking steps to try and find a solution that works for you. Please let us know if you'd like us to look further in to this for you, we'll be happy to help as much as possible.

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