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Refrigerator shelve

E  I have been a loyal customer for over 30 years and I’m experiencing the worst service ever.  I original had purchase a refrigerator for the 4th of July Special.  Unfortunately the representative did not calculate the measurements on the refrigerator correctly and it was returned.  We ordered a different refrigerator which was delivered on July 31 2018.  One of the shelve came damaged and I contacted the representative Fernando from the Northern Blvd store in queens NY and explained the situation.  He ordered a shelve which took a month and it was the wrong type of shelve.  On Sept 29 I went to the store as per Fernando’s recommendation to get a shelve, neither the shelve or Fernando was there.  I spoke to the manager Saif who was not helpful at all.  He was unable to order a shelve and referred me back to Fernando.  Another shelve was order by Fernando and again it was the wrong one.  

Three months later I’m still trying to get my issue resolved so I had no choice but to contact the store and ask to be contact by executive office.  I received a call from a Fazle from executive office apologizing and placed an order for the shelve.  Five weeks later and I’m still waiting for a replacement.  With all the messaging back and forth I am the one following up instead of Best Buy due to the lack of customer service and follow up’s.  Finally I’m told by Fazle from executive to go back to the store and speak to the manager who did nothing for me but pass the buck to Fernando and now Fazle is doing the same.
Why am I consistently following up with ever employees?  Where is the respect ?  .  I have requested and have been ignored by Fazle for an adjustment of price, instead Fazle pass the buck too., The refrigerator is on clearance now and I should get the difference in price for the inconvenience and aggravation or a full refund.