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Rediculous 15 day return policy for camcorders

Bought a Canon HFR800 on 5/25. Tried it and found the video qaulity was terrible so tried to return it on 6/11...exactly 17 days and was told that there would be a $36 "restocking fee" since it was past the 15 day return period. I was told I could exchange it for a different camcorder and the restcking fee would be waved so I purchased a Canon HF W10 and paid the difference. Took it home to test it out over the weekend and discovered the video qaulity was even worse than the cheaper one I had just exchanged it for so too it back yesterday, 6/17...exactly 6 days. I was told that again, I could exchange it or pay a restocking fee, but this time it would be $48 due to the price. I asked why the fee and was told it because the one I was returning had been already been exchanged for one that was out of the return grace period. I was not even 48 hours beyond the return date for that one, and well within the 15 day return period for the second, but Best Buy is so inflexible that no consideration could be given? Does management not have any flxibilty here? I didn't find any other camcorders that were in the paramters I have so I just took the hit for the $48 and left. I've spent literally thousands over the years in TV's, cameras and equipment and so many computers and parts that I've lost track. But I tell you this, for the paltry $48 you guys couldn't do without, I'll just use Amazon from now on and get exactly what I want the NEXT day for less money.

The manager told me the policy was a corperate idea and was instituted because too many people were buying them, using them for vacations, weddings, etc, then returning them for full refunds and they couldn't sell them as "new" anymore. She said the restocking fee was to offset the reduced price they would need to be sold at. I get that...but that's a huge assumption that every customer who returns something is trying to screw you over. Hope that $48 keeps stores open and employees paid

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Re: Rediculous 15 day return policy for camcorders

When purchasing the camcorder you would have had to sign something on the pin pad when buying it stating that you understood there was a 15% (? I think it's 15%) restocking fee on the item. If you purchased the camcorder online it's an actual pop-up window that tells you about the restocking fee. There is a 15 day return policy on all the items that Best Buy sells except for cell phones, which is a 14 day return policy. The only exceptions to that are if you're an elite member you get 30 days and if you're an elite plus member you get 45 days. It's unfortunate that both camcorders weren't to your liking.
I am not a forum moderator nor voice of corporate. One of the corporate moderators will be with you as soon as they can for the official response from Best Buy. The forums work on a first come, first serve basis and it can take a while for a response.
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Re: Rediculous 15 day return policy for camcorders

I get the return policy on the first camera. But the second? That's just being trivial as that one was well before the return period ended. I also get that one of the suits who run the company should consider that 48 hours is small price to pay to keep a return customer happy and maybe allow managers to make those decisions at the store level, which, unless this manager was just blowing smoke, they don't. As for elite and elite plus members...I have no idea what that is, but I guess if I was "elite", I wouldn't have had to worry about it. Again, customer service is everything. They may not always be right, as the saying goes, but all it takes is one...then another, and soon is liquidation. Just ask Sports Authority. I'm done here.

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Re: Rediculous 15 day return policy for camcorders

Opening up a camera lowers the value of the camera. Best Buy has to sell the product as an open box. The restocking fee is exactly that. The estimated cost the camera lost when it was opened. Defective cameras are not usually subject to this.
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Re: Rediculous 15 day return policy for camcorders

Hi there, FooFoo502,


Thanks for connecting with us on our forums! It sounds like there may have been some confusion around our Return & Exchange Promise. I would love to clarify whatever I am able to help avoid future disappointments. 


Our Return & Exchange Promise allows for most returns to be made within 15/30/45 days depending on a members My Best Buy Status. You can reach these higher statuses through increasing the amount you spend each year. This is our Elite and Elite Plus status. It sounds like you may be one of our Core members. Our Core members benefit from a 15 day time frame. It sounds like an exception was actually made to allow you to exchange your initial camera after 17 days. 


Regardless of My Best Buy status, we do have a restocking fee on a few different items, when applicable. Camcorders are one of those items. This restocking fee is generally 15% of item purchase price, and only applies if the item is open. 


This is why you would have had to pay a restocking fee when you returned each camera. I do hope that this clears up any questions that you may have. If you're in need of additional assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know. 

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