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Receipt says the phone is free, but Verizon is billing me for it.

On May 21, 2019 I went to Best Buy #156 (Tuttle Crossing, Oh) to purchase a cell phone for my daughter.  I also expressed to the sales clerk that I wanted to unlock my phone if possible so I could go with a cheaper carrier than Verizon.


He told me about a BOGO sale with Verizon.  I told him I didn’t want to upgrade my own phone, and I wanted to leave Verizon.  He compared plans and told me that since my plan only has 2 GB of data, it is cheaper than what the other carriers offer because they only offer unlimited data plans.


Since my monthly charges would be cheapest to stay with Verizon, I decided to stay with them. Since I got a free phone with the purchase of one, I left the store with 2 phones, a Galaxy s10 and an s10e.  All was well until I got my Verizon bill. Verizon is charging me for the 2nd phone.


I called Verizon, but they said I would have to dispute it with Best Buy since they sold it to me.


I went into the store and talked to a knowledgeable clerk who told me that the deal was only for customers on unlimited data plans. The person who sold me the phone clearly knew I was on a 2 GB plan because that’s how he got me to stay on Verizon. I offered to return both phones for a refund, but since I didn’t learn of the charge until my Verizon bill came due, they would not take a return after 14 days.  She called over the connections manager. He said he would have to talk to his manager about it. They took my contact information to call me after they had a chance to talk to him about it.


For a MONTH I had to keep calling.  Never once in that month did I call that the general manager was in the store.  Every time, he was “on vacation” or not in. But they assured me that the matter had “escalated” to the general manager, then the district manager.  Finally, after a month, the connections manager said he got an offer from the GM to offer me a $250 store gift card. This is not ok. My receipt clearly shows the 2nd phone to be free.  Instead, I am being billed through Verizon for $799.98 plus tax.


Since the store is not willing to make this right, and the district manager is inaccessible, I tried to contact customer care at the 1 (888) 237-8289.  The person who answered the phone there said they do not handle disputes at that number.


We’ve shopped at Best Buy for years!  I am very disappointed. I expected better customer service from the company.

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Re: Receipt says the phone is free, but Verizon is billing me for it.

Good afternoon, PamMunroe,


Welcome to our community forum and thank you for letting us know about your experience with this purchase. I know that getting a new phone is no small purchase so I can certainly understand wanting to get a buy one get one free deal. It's never a good feeling to see a charge you didn't expect to see on your bill. I would like to take a closer look at your purchase and communication with this store to better understand what happened and to see what options we may have to assist you moving forward. I will need some more details so I can do so. Can you please send me a private message with your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Customer service PIN (located at bottom of receipt)


You can send me a private message by clicking the button at the bottom of my post across from my name. I look forward to your response so I can continue to investigate this.


AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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