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Receipt Copy

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My name is Bruno {removed per forum guidelines} and i would like to ask for a Receipt Copie of a purchase that i have made at Best Buy. I still have the original, but some parts of it are not legible anymore.

The purchase was made betwen the days 5 and 6 of September, 2013 in Best Buy Miami South Beach Store (USA). The last 9 digits of the line started with "Val #" are legible and are "...885112-529". The first item of the receipt is a XPSD12 ($ 899.99).


I also have the Credit Card number used and i can send it by email or in a private message if necessary.


Best regards!

Bruno {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Receipt Copy

Hello there bguedesmoreira-


Thanks for reaching out to us on the Best Buy forums to ask us for help with locating a receipt from 2013!  I’d be excited for the opportunity to try my best to locate this missing receipt, but I’m going to need some more information to get started!


Please send me a private message by clicking the blue button in my signature line below.  Be sure to include as many below as possible in your message:

  • Phone Number
  • Store Location (to confirm)
  • Date of purchase (the more exact, the better)
  • Total Purchase Price
  • List of Items (if other things were purchased with it)
  • Method of Payment (ex: Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Check, etc) – do NOT provide any credit card numbers
  • Email
  • Membership ID # (My Best Buy)

I’d be happy to get the search underway once I hear back from you, and I do have another options available, which would need to be discussed in private message!  I’m excited to work with you soon!



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