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Re: Return warning

This is definitely a return warning for sure. On 3-8-2019 my husband n I went to best buy as we do every 2 years to do a upgrade on our phones. We had the s7 edge and my husband went to s10 and a got the note 9, very next day on 3.9.2019 i ended up going to exchange my note 9 for the s10+ now to male a long story short i have had 2 exchanges, i have to admit i was being very indecisive and went bavk yesterday to go back to my s10+ and i wasnt warned for being flagged or anything by TRE because we have never been through any returns or exchanges ever, we ways get our phones from best buy and never had to exchange any of them before. So the rep starts giving me the run around and starts telling my husband n I that we are outside of our 14 days which we are not the date on my last receipt is 3.21.2019 and the only option is to buy the phone out n then order the s10+ and on and on and on. Long story short we have shopped at best buy for a very long time and up to this point have been very satisfied until now, i dont feel i should be denied a exchange by a manager as a paying and loyal customer. As a paying customer I also want to be happy with my purchase and not have to worry about being denied a refund or exchange. This is the first time this has ever happened to me and I am in shock, I am a avid believer of keeping receipts because you just never know. I know it is not a right to be able to return things that you are not satisfied with, it is a privilege but I also think that things should be very up front and honest about a return/e change policy, people shouldnt have to guess. Kind of like a beauty supply store there is one by my house they have it very clear in black and white you have 7 days to return or exchange WITH original receipt or your just out of luck lol. So because people knlw that there is not suprises. Here at best buy today that was aweful i felt like they were either calling me a fraud or thinking it or im not sure but it was so embarrassing and quite frustrating to say the least, thjs is my hard earned money that i spend and I want to feel good about my purchases, especially something big like this. A phone. Its not very kften that I spend this kind of money, its very few and far between so now to feel i dont have a say in that for really no reason at all is so disappointing to say the least. I dont know what to do please help.
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Re: Return warning

Hello, taylora4,


Thank you for choosing Best Buy for your recent cell phone purchases. Getting a new phone is very exciting purchase. I’m sorry hear that you had few exchanges trying to find the correct fit. I’d be happy to see how we might be of assistance in reviewing your concerns further.


Our Return & Exchange Promise shares cell phones and devices that can be activated would only have a 14 day return window. Sometimes carriers may have other limitations in place if your phone is under contract of what options may be available in terms of a return or exchange. Usually, day one would be considered the date the item enters into your possession. Can you please share if your return was attempted to be processed through the register then you were advised you were unable to make your return? Or did the individual just review your purchase receipt? I’ve sent you a private message to gather some additional information. You’re welcome to check your private messages by ensuring you’re logged into forum profile and selecting the orange envelope in the top right-hand corner.



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