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Re: Reporting a Geekmobile appliance delivery driver EXTREME speeding

goodmorning, i am chatting with you today to speak about an experience at best buy during their amazon prime day sale. i purchased a sony 55inch a8h oled tv and had the option of adding a sony 7.1 soundbar for 200 dollars off. the rep there gave me an un

unfair comparison of a cheap soundbar vs the 7.1 soudbar because the 7.1 soundbar had an additional 300 dollars of speakers hooked up and i aksed about them and then rep pretended he didnt know what i was talking about. i asked him to turn off the added 

speakers for a fair comparison but he did not allow that. so he is basically showing every customer an unfair comparison to upsell. i asked him if i could hear how the 55 a8h speakers sounded inthe built in tv that they had on display but he said that wa

s not possible. so i told him i want take the tv home to hear how it actually sounds and go somehwere else to hear a fair comparison of the soundbars. i took the tv home, and decided i did want to do the soundbar deal. 

i called best buy in eagan, and they said the only way to add on the deal for the soundbar would be to return my tv, and buy another new tv with the soundbar. i already had my tv mounted at this point and it was 30 minutes before they cloes. i am contac

contacting you today to see if a manager may resolve this and sell me the agents promised deal of the sounder for $200 off at the time of his manipulation and trickery


i tried private messaging but it did not work

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Re: Reporting a Geekmobile appliance delivery driver EXTREME speeding

You would need to go into the store and talk to the store manager. To get a package discount you would need to return the TV at least on paper and rebuy eveything. However according to your post you declined the deal orginally, they didnt do anything wrong or misleading. Commen sence should tell you the multiple larger speakers in a sound bar would sound better then the 2 tiny TV speakers but into the tv.
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Re: Reporting a Geekmobile appliance delivery driver EXTREME speeding

Hello, blaeser14,


New home theater equipment is something to be excited about, and we appreciate you choosing Best Buy for this investment. Knowing our customers enjoy a demonstration prior to making a purchase, we have a variety of electronics on display, although there is simply no way for every model to be connected. In the event our customers are not satisfied with their merchandise, we’re always willing to work within the Return & Exchange Promise, as a way to make things right.


Often, products may be advertised as a bundle. To receive these discounts, the specified models would need to be purchased on the same transaction. With the understanding your television was already mounted, speaking with a store leader may be the best way to determine if there would be any alternate routes available to explore, beyond a return and exchange transaction.


While we do hope this clears things up, if you have further questions, please let us know.


Kind regards,

Sarah|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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