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Re: Remote Starts

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I own a 2010 BMW X3 (without a push button start but old diamond key FOB). I've asked around all the Buffalo NY area Best Buy including local stereo shops but no one wants to install a remote start on my car since it was too much of a pain in the rear. One autotech said that my car was too "analog" and too much of a hassle to solder things to make it work.

I took my car to store #1380 (Vestal, NY, I could be off on the store #) but Ian {removed per forum guidelines} (autotech there) was able to make a compustar remote start to work on my car. Granted, he spent hours to make it work while no one wanted to touch it. I drove 3 hours from Buffalo, NY to Vestal NY to  have it done.I would gladly do it again since Ian knows his stuff.  

He's (Ian M.) also done some fabulous audio upgrade on my 2013 Nissan GTR when no one at Best Buy would touch it either. I'm not talking about swapping speakers. He's installed single DIN head unit to a HELIX DSP and to my 5 channel ARC AUDIO amp to run my 3 way FOCALs. He even programmed the HELIX DSP eventhough he has zero experience. The guy read up and figured it out !!!


Why did I bother writing this?

First, I'm a bit disappointed that no other Best Buy location would touch my car. Second, there are some great auto tech out there that deserves some recognition for their ability to think outside of the box (not follow a script) and figure things out.


In conclusion, I wish Best Buy would have more techs like Ian closer to where I currently reside.


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Re: Remote Starts

Awesome post man!  We appreciate your honest feedback!  I do apologize it took a while to find an Autotech who was able to work on your vehicles and it sounds like Ian is an awesome Autotech!

We truly do appreciate the time you spent registering with the community to let us know about your experience!

I am a CAR Geek Squad Autotech, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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