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Re: Refund using a debit

It’s just another reason why I hardly shop at BB anymore and now won’t at all. Every other big box store refunds a debit card purchase in cash. Not BB. They make the customer wait. The comparison is looney. BB is a billion dollar company. Waiting for the debit card transaction to settle doesn’t hurt them. Some consumers return things for different reasons. Having them wait for banks is not great customer service, period. It doesn’t matter how you feel as an employee. People will shop where they feel they are valued, and policies like this make customers feel like they are not. They lost another customer today. It’s just a matter of time before BB goes down in history as another Circuit City. I will point out policies like this one that were partly responsible. Do you know who refunds debit transactions as cash? Walmart. Who else? Target. Who else? Smaller stores like Bobs Stores and TJ Max. Dicks sporting goods. Macy’s. I can go on. BB is just another out of touch store on its last legs with policies that don’t attract customers, it alienated them. They won’t survive the retail apocalypse because of policies like this. In 2019, you need to go above and beyond for customer’s business. You can’t compete with online pricing. You need to give them a reason to pay more. People don’t mind one day or two day shipping. They would rather save the gas and frustration of going to a box store. Best Buy’s answer to this is to upset a customer who just spend a ton of money with them but needed to return a couple of things. I just returned the rest of the stuff and walked out of BB for the last time. I’ll continue to shop at Amazon and NewEgg. I’ll watch BB die a slow death.
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Re: Refund using a debit

Debit and credit card companies charge the merchant a percentage of the transaction, the only way to get the percentage refunded is to refund the purchase on the original form of payment.
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Re: Refund using a debit

Hi there, kldbv982! 


Thanks for posting with us on the Best Buy Support Forums. I understand that you have some concerns regarding the method in which we refund our customers for their purchases. Our Return & Exchange Promise calls out that in most cases, we will reimburse you for returned items in the same way you paid for them. If you paid for a purchase with your debit card, that is how you would be refunded as well. This process has been this way for quite some time now, and while I understand your interest in getting back cash immediately for a return from a purchase made with a debit card, we are not able to provide a cash refund for these types of purchases, and the refund would need to be processed back to the debit card that was used for the purchase. 


This being said, we really appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback, and hope that you will consider allowing us the chance to make it up to you in the future.



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Re: Refund using a debit