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Re: Need district manager help

I’d like to let a district manager know about the horrible experience I had at my local Best Buy store. On 11/05/18 I purchased few items at flushing NY Best Buy store and pick up all the items on 11/15/18 then I opened the all the items on Thanksgivings day to give all my Family surprise ,When I opened the MacBook it’s look like used so next day I took back the MacBook to the store for Exchange,when the worker scanned the item and told me the box Serial number and the MacBook serial number is different,So the staff told me to wait one side She pass it to another person handle,I understand maybe the store is busy,They didn’t tell me I waiting for what,I feel uncomfortable in the store so I take out my phone to recording down my MacBook is used,after 20 minute the manager Tony is come out my Recording is still on,When he see I holding the phone recording he was refused all my questions,I understand the recording maybe make him feel bad so I told him the recording is off now,He starting to tell All the stuff I was recording no more talk to me and he just go back to the room and all the stuff just Follow him to the room,So that the Counter is empty I have no one to talk with so I Keep waiting and waiting End up he come out I asked him again How’s he going to settle this problem,He say he cannot do anything I can only call 1800 Best Buy to Report And he just walk away again,so I called 1800 Best Buy and the Agent told me they can’t do anything for this case,only way is talk to the store manager ,I told the Agent the manager Doesn’t want to help and he said he can’t do anything ,When I still on the phone with the agent the manager is in front of me I talk to manager Tony again I say you was tell me to call 1800 Best Buy now the agent told me I have to talk to you, He keeps saying “I don’t know “”I can’t do anything “and I told the Agent did he Hear me and the manager conversation He said yes,But the Agent said he cannot do anything too,the Agent told me maybe I can talk to another manager,I told the Agent why don’t you speak to the manager Tony the Agent said He will trying So when I want to pass the phone to manager Tony the manager Tony said he can’t Answer the phone if whoever want talk to him have to call the store first,I am so appreciate for the agent he was trying to help me I was holding him for 45 minutes After that he transferred me to his supervisor and the supervisor said the Same thing maybe Speak to another manager.I realize the store is only one manager Tony to handle the whole store . This whole experience make feel like I’m a idiot in the store,maybe my English is not perfect so they can treat me like this,I hope someone can understand I making money it is not easy even I cannot pay for the full price I have to pay installments ,When I took back the item it is not what I want and the MacBook key board is broken and Very dirty and also the whole way it was handled is caused me such grief!! Just wanted to let you know what’s happening to me ,by the way maybe my English not good Enough to explain But I will try my best to ask for help. I look forward to hearing your response.
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Re: Need district manager help

Hello there Jazzlsc-


To be completely honest with you, our district managers are no customer facing, however, I’d be more than willing to see what I could do to lend a helping hand!  Thank you for registering with the Best Buy forums to bring this to our attention!


I’m going to need some additional information to get started.  Please send me your full name, phone number, email address, and the customer service PIN or order number from your receipt.


Be sure to keep your information your own by clicking the blue “Private Message”, button in my signature line below! 

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