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Re: I am looking for help with a return that was denied

I just had an issue with the Best Buy near my home that are similar to your issue. I am an Elite Plus Member and have been for quite some time. I recently purchase a router that didn’t work with my system. It has only been a few weeks since I purchased it. I returned it to the store only to be told that I couldn’t return it because I have too many returns. No warning or nothing. They never said anything to me when I was spending my money. To add to that, the manager told me that he was ok with losing my business and then he told me that he didn’t have a problem fighting with me if I wanted to go there. I told him I didn’t mind either, but why would you even say that unprovoked. He told me about the Retail Equation and that it had not picked me and he couldn’t understand why. This was just his call of action. I went home and did the figures of what I had spent to what I had returned and it isn’t anywhere close. What made me so upset was that I was treated like a criminal. Like I was a thief and a piece of crap. Apparently the customer is not right at this Best Buy. I don’t even feel comfortable going back because of the way I was treated. No one should ever be dealt with in that manner.
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Re: I am looking for help with a return that was denied

Hi, Kklapal1119,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and for joining our online community.

We expect our associates to treat our customers with kindness and respect. I'm sorry to hear that you were left feeling differently after visiting your local store. While our stores should be doing their best to follow the guidelines provided in our Return & Exchange Promise, a return request may be denied under extenuating or extreme circumstances, even if a warning or ban notice has not been provided through The Retail Equation. I'm sorry to hear that your return was not able to be processed. Can you tell us a little bit more about when and where this happened?



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