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Re: How to email Best Buy Corporate with a complain

I really hate having to write this. Not my style to complain. But i am upset to say the least, I looked for the phone I wanted. Did homework for my next big purchase. A phone since mine was destroyed skateboarding Monday. Got off work and got home at 445pm today. Luckily i thought... Black Friday is hear to save my day. I just found out about it at work. Last day today. Store closes at 8pm. Mom had surgery today, went to check on Mom. Looked on black Friday deals on Computer. Online To make a hassle free transition. Nope. I could not complete my order because when they wanted to send me a verification code to my sprint phone and there is no alternative but to go to the store. I could not receive the verification code any way. I had to check store availability & the closest store with the New Note 20 Ultra black was Menifee, Ca, I am in Hemet a 27 min drive now it is 711pm . I arrive at and am in store by 742 . I was turned down service. I told them i could wait but said that i would not be able to buy tonight. Need a phone and am sincerely upset I could not be helped. I was going to buy my Otter Box and screen protector too. It was Black Friday and is still before midnight but can not do anything even though I gallantly gave effort. I am normally please with the service. I lost out on a great phone at a great deal and you lost out on over a 1000 bucks. Brovo. I thought if i make it to the store and you have the phone then if i am cabable of buying the phone i can buy it. Especially on a Black Friday Deal. I mean really. Shacking my head. Sad face. Desappointed in Best Buy . 

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Re: How to email Best Buy Corporate with a complain

Hi there, DanielTamburri.


Thank you for checking in with us, although I am sorry to hear you recently broke your phone. Skateboarding looks much easier than it really is, and I am always fascinated when watching those with coordination maneuver somewhat effortlessly. I would be concerned about breaking bones, myself!


We appreciate the fact that you researched in preparation for this investment of the replacement phone, and for making the choice to visit your local Best Buy store. We would be curious to learn more about your interaction, as it is clear you mentioned you were unable to complete the transaction during store hours. 


Be assured, your feedback has reached the right place. Our team is based out of our Corporate Headquarters, and we appreciate you letting us know about this. If you would not mind sending a Private Message, that will allow our team the opportunity to formally document your feedback. In your message, please include your full name, email address, and telephone number.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Sarah|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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