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Re: Formal Complaint

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I am writing today to let everyone know that I had the WORST Experience of my life at the Best Buy at 1560 W Kroger Center Blvd Richmond 23235.  The last thing I wanted to do was to be at a Best Buy store around black Friday and now I know why.  It was a must.  I was gifted an Iphone 12 promax.  It was purchased at another Best Buy 2 1/2hours away.  The thing is my carrier said that the account was made incorrectly.  They (my carrier) canceled the account and asked me to return the phone today to my local Best Buy because today was the last return day.  Day 14.

I was met with a customer rep (Whom I later learned supposedly named Omar) at the mobile department with no name tag or credentials.  I explained everything to him.  He never asked me for my receipt, but went and got another gentleman, again with no name tag.  He just said he was the Mass manager.  He explained to me that he could not return the phone because it would mess up his inventory.   He said I would have to go to Harrisonburg to return the phone.  Harrisonburg is 2 1/2 hours away.  I asked him to please call the store in Harrisonburg to get an extension for me to return the phone, but he said he could not.  I was a little baffled, I have brought things in NY and Online and returned them at any Best Buy in the past. 


I left the store and while in the parking lot called the Harrisonburg's store and spoke to several employees and a manager who told me that it is possible to do a return at the Richmond store and to go back and ask for a store manager.  They said that the Richmond store was incorrect and possibly didn't know how to do the return.  They said to me to stay on the phone go back in and they would tell them how to do it.  When I come in I saw the 1st guy ( Omar), who started saying he couldn't return the phone because the ATT account was already deleted.  Again, he never asked me for a receipt.  He appeared annoyed that I came back.  He started yelling at me telling me that he couldn't do it.  That's when The manager at Harrisonburg forwarded the receipt to me and told him to scan it and do the return for the customer.  They explained what had to be done to the second gentleman( Mass manager).  He then walked away and said he had to talk to his mobile manager.  That's when I see the Omar guy follow behind him.  I see them go over behind some boxes talking together, while my daughter and I are waiting.  The original guy(Omar) comes back with an attitude and asks if I'm still on the phone with the other store manager.  He wants to talk to him.  He then takes my daughter's phone and starts talking on it asking questions about the employee and manager who made the account. He mumbles something under his breath about "that's why they get away with things." He asks the manager for his employee ID.  He then starts accusing me and the employee,"how does she have two accounts with the same social security". I already told the other manager that my original account is with my husband.  Who is he to accuse someone of doing illegal things because of the color of their skin.  I've never encountered reverse discrimination, but I was a victim of it today.  He also starts micromanaging the other stores manager about policies.  This was so inappropriate in front of a customer.  I just wanted my phone returned so that I could purchase a phone on the correct account.  He is also using my daughter's phone and putting it to his ear with no gloves on.  I don't know if he has Corona and my daughter is 13 years of age.  This is not how I expect Best buy employees to behave.  I asked him at that point what his name was and he said "Omar".   Then he said you want to write down my ID too.  His ID per him is {removed per forum guidelines} As if he thought no one would challenge his behavior.  I am so sure that I'm not the only one who has complained.  I watched him as he micromanaged his employees with the device in his ear.  Maybe if he did his job and treated customers and employees with some dignity he would get a different outcome.  


I tell you he made me feel less than a human.  I was shaking and very upset.  Not only did he not have identification or state who he was, he accused me indirectly of stealing.  How DARE HE!!!!


He then further antagonizes me by telling me there is a restocking fee.  The other manager comes over to give us wipes because Omar had his hands all over my daughters property.  The other manager says don't charge her for anything.  I then hear Omar ask for an override.  Do you know what he did when he hands me the receipt.  He charged me for the restocking fee and for the missing plug.  
I have never been so humiliated.  As a Physician, I can tell you that employee business is employee business.  It should never be part of a customers experience.  He put me and my daughter at risk today with his selfishness.  He touched her property with no protective gear on .  He also refused to do his job and give prompt customer service.  He had to be told how to do his job by another manager.  


I would like my money back for the restocking fee, the plug and the screen protector that he took when I returned my phone.  I have pictures of the receipts and the box for the screen. protector.  I will certainly look forward to hearing from you soon.  If I were corporate, I would disguise myself as a customer and see how they treat people.  



Val: {removed per forum guidelines}


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Re: Formal Complaint

Hello, Bernice, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting on our forum and taking the time to explain your recent experience at our Chesterfield store, although I hate to hear what happened when you attempted to return your phone. We'd expect this process to be smooth for you, and for you to be treated with respect and care. This clearly is far from the kind of interaction you had, and I apologize for the way you left the store feeling. We never want customers to be treated this way, and I'm glad you posted about the situation you faced so it can be addressed.


There are a few points of major concern that you described, and I'd like the chance to follow up with the store leadership and assist. In addition, I'd like to formally document your experience in our corporate system. To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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