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Re: Disappointed customer service at store.

Hi. I'm very disappointed and dissatisfied with one of the BestBuy store by my mothers house while I was on vacation. Went to the store on Tuesday 10/27 to buy a video game for my Nintendo switch and while browsing the store I came across the new toy "The Child animatronic " I was very excited to see the new toy and pricing was the same as the pre-order pricing of the purchased previously made back March 2020 with I immediately cancel the order with GameStop and when I was at the cashier no pricing was showing up and when the cashier call the manager she was told that I couldn't have the toy because that was out by mistake. I was very upset with this and asked to speak to the manager. He showed up and told me that I'm sorry I apologize but this you is not for sale and that I could come back to the store on 11/01 to buy it then? I was still upset. How is this possible?! How can you have a toy out pricing and everything and tell the customer SORRY. sounded like sucks to be you to me. I have the picture of the baby yoda on my phone along with the store pricing sticker. Tried reaching out customer support on Twitter and no response. The customer service is so great that I have not received an explanation as to why something like this could be allowed to happen with no consequences. 

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Re: Disappointed customer service at store.

Like a video game items should not be out on the shelf until the release date. They can get in trouble for selling something the day before its supposed to be out. Sounds like someone who was doing store display setups may have pre maturely setup the stand or display for this. 


Not sure how this works but I think this is supposed to be like this.

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Re: Disappointed customer service at store.

Hello, Dd002233,


Thanks for sharing your experience with us here on the Best Buy forum. Baby Yoda is quite adorable, so I can understand your eagerness to purchase that item when you saw it at the Best Buy store near your mother’s house. While not the answer hoped for, @hockeycanuckjc is correct that items set for a specific release day cannot be sold prior to that date. I’m very sorry for any disappointment the situation has caused.


While it cannot change what has gone before, I would like to ensure this is documented so we can learn from this situation and prevent the same thing from happening again. To that end, can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and more specifics about the particular item and the store you were visiting?


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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