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Re: Customer Service Survey

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I too had a bad experience, it was as wretched as it gets! In all my years living, I have never stormed out of a store with negative energy & such a bad taste in my mouth! I am a middle-aged lady and do not deserve to be spoken to with a terrible tone of voice.
In my case, yes I spoke to a supervisor during my visit. Luckily, I grabbed information about the store in question and the associates involved!
Store location: Tinley Park, IL. Dates: multiple visits in mid July (16-18) and again on August 8th (which wasn't relevant to the incident, only the July visit was). I talked to a Caucasian manager by the name of Josh {removed per forum guidelines} who was incredibly condescending when I simply shared my grievances about a young African-American associate by the name of Carlos (he was distinctly wearing a pink shirt & couldn't get his last name). He was tasked at helping me at the computer & customer service departments yet made it seem like a burden, kept rolling his eyes and giving me short answers. while looking away as if he wanted out of the interaction. After I asked him if there was an issue I received an unnecessary attitude even though I was polite with him. I informed him and a couple of managers that I will be reporting him to corporate, which I did. I expected better, and more sympathetic responses from management but the aforementioned Joshua wasn't much of help either. He was a heavyset, average height, younger gentleman, and has showed me why his employees get away with rudeness, they clearly pick it up from him! I actually heard him tell an irritated customer off by cussing at them during my return visit in August (I will not mention what he said on here as it is crude). Forward this to corporate as they are aware of the incident that, they have it on file that they received a complaint about salesperson Carlos, and woud like them to see additional feedback on here to double down on the severity of the situtation.
You need to get your act together, Best Buy.