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Re: Broken TV out of box

I HATE Best Buy NEVER thought I would feel this way but the Modesto location need a full makeover and it’s been getting WORSE for the past two years I’ve had nothing but bad experiences I referred my mom there back in 2017 and she purchased a refrigerator I spoke so highly about them to be EMBARRASSED because she purchased one of their most expensive ones and they were nice taking the sale DELIVERY was awful they spoke no ENGLISH and my mom is almost 90 years old just left it there did not put it together or anything and then the refrigerator was to small once we found someone to put it together so she wanted to return it and the manager at that time was so rude he said no so I spent at least a week calling and complaining and then he said the only way he would exchange is if she spent much more money for another one then that one was a total lemon so we were told we had to deal with whirlpool even though she purchased geek squad and whirlpool kept putting her through so much and Best Buy would not assist at all she ended up going to Home Depo who treated her so GREAT... Also I recently bought a tv open box and they it broke after three months so they TRASHED it and I went to return it and they said at Modesto store actually her name was Christina she said she was a geek store manager and she said anyone with common sense should know to return tv within 30 days pretty much calling me STUPID and I explained to her that No one told me I had a limited time to return tv so she AGAIN SAID well you should have COMMON SENSE and no one should have to tell you I TRULY feel she needs to be REPRIMANDED and even other MANAGERS there because that same day I found a TV for $1100.00 as a trade in but they refused to acknowledge my service number so I had to go to another store and they accepted it with no problems and stated that numbe never EXPIRES so CHRISTINA was wrong and when I went back to get TV for 1100.00 the manager named Jessie said no I couldn’t have it at that price it was open box no stand no remote and then he lied and said tv was gone another one who should be REPRIMANDED he needs not to be a manager I’m so DISGUSTED with that store I’m done with them and will NEVER refer anyone and I’ve RECOMMENDED several people but NEVER again he went to GREAT lengths to hide the tv so I couldn’t buy it and I had to lie and say I was willing to pay full price and MIRACULOUSLY the tv appeared I did pay full price and I’m contemplating taking it back for sure JESSE is RUDE and no good manager I TRULY hope you do something about all this I’ve tried REACHING out to corporate for weeks now and can’t reach anyone so this is my only choice I would hope someone help me because I HONESTLY feel I should get the tv for the price I was quoted at which was $1179.00..
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Re: Broken TV out of box

Greetings, Syndip,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum! I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us here about your experiences at the Modesto, CA store. I can imagine it would be quite frustrating to hear different answers when speaking to people about your TV situation so I’ll be happy to speak to you about this further and hopefully clarify.


To make sure I’m understanding you correctly about your situation, I do have a few questions. You said that you purchased an open-box TV three months ago and it broke. When you say the TV was “trashed,” is this in reference to it being physically damaged during shipping or delivery, or are you actually saying that you had a Geek Squad Protection Plan (GSP) on that TV that was being fulfilled as a tv exchange if the item could not be repaired?


As for purchasing a different TV, generally speaking, stores would be unable to hold items for customers so it is possible that the open-box unit that you were originally looking at before leaving the store may have sold. At this point, though I cannot promise a particular outcome, I would like to reach out to the store on your behalf to look into this in more detail. For me to do this, I will need more information from you beyond clarity on what I was asking above. Please send your full name, phone number, email address, and the customer service PIN from your store receipt in a private message. You should be able to select that option in my signature below.


Kind regards,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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