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Re: Bring back "On display at" on product pages.

Hello Luke,


I saw your prompt and helpful response on the BB forum and thought you might be the right person to contact in regards to an issue I have regarding a Roku TV I purchased at the Hartsdale, NY store a couple of years back (maybe late 2018). Here's the situation...


When I purchased the TV I also purchased the insurance the store offers. The TV worked fine through (I'm estimating) around 11 or 12/2019. At that point all we could see when we turned on the TV was horizontal lines that covered the entire screen. The TV never fell nor did we hit or do anything other than turn it on and off.  So, I brought the TV into the Hartsdale store and presented it to the Customer Return desk. They, for reasons I do not understand, never checked my insurance that I purchased from their store directly, proceeded to look at the unit and eventually told me it's definitely broken. They said it was unfixable and, because I too did not even remember I had insurance for it at the time, told them to just throw it out. 


Two days ago, I opened an email from Best Buy connecting me to my insurance - because I just purchased a charging station from the same store, and low-and-behold, I see the insurance I always had on that Roku TV. It was a 43" unit which you will be able to see when you check it - it was covered through 2021. I'm sorry I didn't know that at the time when the CS rep in the store told me I'm out of luck and tossed our family TV. Since then we never replaced it and I'm hoping you might be able and willing to help us replace that set with a credit or with a comprable model. 


Again, I'm sorry it took me so long to inform you of this but had I not accessed my Best Buy insurance online yesterday, I wouldn't have known about it. I hope there is something you can do to help, as my kids are still without a TV in our family room since that set stopped working. 


Kind regards,