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Re: BB backing out of T-Mobile iPhone Trade-In agreement making it customer problem

The same thing happened to me. I went to best buy and asked if I qualified for the upgrade of my lines with the Tmobile promotion and if the upgrade would change my current plan because I was not adding lines or upgrading the plans. I know most of the T-mobile's promotions are adding lines...etc.  They said no, it would not change the plan, and I do qualify for the upgrade lines with iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 7 for (800/400) for trade-ins. I traded my phones, and after a couple of days, T-Mobile told me that they would not pay (800/400) for the promotion mentioned in T mobile BestBuy promotion, and it does not exist. T-mobile only pays (400/200). BB told me to ask T-mobile to deal with it or reach out to higher positions. T-mobile said BB is a third party and can not do much about it, and I should always go to T-Mobile stores. They said all you could do was return the phone back to BB, and T-mobile could return only iPhone 11 pro. If bb had told me I did not qualify for the promotion, I would not have traded my phones; I mean, why would I sell my perfect working phones and pay 1000+ dollars for iphone14s?  I mean, no one has that kind of money lying around. It's such a Disappointed and No one is taking responsibility to honor it. 

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Re: BB backing out of T-Mobile iPhone Trade-In agreement making it customer problem

Hello, KSS93,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums, we appreciate you reaching out regarding some promotional offers you participated in. I sincerely apologize for the confusion this has caused regarding the amount you should be getting, I would love to assist and see what's possible. Can you please send over a private message with your full name, phone number, email address and an order number or receipt you may have? You can click on "Private Message" next to my signature.


Thank you,

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