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I bought an open box laptop on September 4 2020, and I noticed as I set it up that evening somyething was off. turns out that an employee had, earlier that morning, installed ransomware on the laptop and it was set to infect Mobile devices, I returned the next afternoon, and while one geek squad lady was very concerned her manager, outright called me a liar to my face and proceed to insult my swollen face as I had a tooth pulled, when I explained that I wanted to just get something else that wasn't tampered with, as I was already missing work, he just had another employee put it back on my card forcing me to wait 3-7 days and going off to the laptop section for an unknown yet obviously suspect conversation with whomever was back there at the time. I've never been treated so poorly and it was embarrassing enough without the personal insults. I had only wanted a working laptop that wouldn't be actively mining my data and I was subjected to absolutely unprofessional treatment, for someone to abuse their position to not only dismiss my concern but do everything to move me out the door is insulting but I'm concerned about what else has been tampered with. I feel this merits further investigation.
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There is a lot here

1. Phone ransomware is rare, infecting phone from a PC, very very very rare.

2. You purchased an open box laptop... if such rare software was on the probability returned laptop it would be easy for geeksquad to miss, because again. Very very unusual.

3. Open box laptops are one of a kind items. It will show up as a return because of this. You cant "exchange" a one of a kind item.

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Also sounds like a simple Windows reinstall would have fixed it. While GeekSquad is supposed to install a fresh version of Windows (or restore to factory condition), I heard of them missing it sometimes, or accidentally setting up laptops with demo modes, but all those issues are usually easy to resolve by installing a clean version of Windows. 

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Hello, PhotonRaven,


Thank you for reaching out to share your experience. While we’re always excited to hear from our customers, the circumstances you’ve described are not what we would have hoped for. Open-box merchandise is a great way to save money on the electronics you may need. Many customers, including myself, prefer to consider those options. We appreciate you taking the time to make us aware of what took place, and we sincerely wish things had worked out with the laptop.


Based on what you’ve explained, it seems a refund has been processed for this purchase. Depending on the form of payment used, there is a period of time before the funds would be accessible. Our team would be happy to review the return transaction, if that would provide some reassurance for you.


Please know, we expect our Blue Shirts to treat all customers in a polite and professional manner. We’d love the opportunity to learn more about the interaction you had with the manager at your local Best Buy store. When convenient, if you would not mind connecting with us through Private Message, that would be appreciated. We can ensure this is formally documented, and handled appropriately.


Kind regards,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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