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Yesterday I have spent close to $300 on Software purchases in Bestbuy Issaquah Store, amongst them a $99 Office 365 Home Subscription. I know, I could have bought all that on-line but I am (or was) a strong believer of supporting local shops not having to end up one day having no other choice but Amazon or AliBaba. I have been given the instructions that when I go home I need to login to Microsoft's web site enter my key and install/register the Office 365 software. But when I tried this I got the error message that the key had not been activated on purchase.


Next day, I went back to BestBuy to activate the key which should have been activated on purchase in first place. To my surprise I have been told that I had to deal with Microsoft and figure out the issue myself. I told them I don't have the time and in this case I want to get a refund and later I will buy the software online. BestBuy refused to give me a refund saying that they don't do refunds to open software! Please keep in mind that all I bought was a number on a piece of paper which had not even been activated.


The store manager, WHO REFUSED TO GIVE ME HIS FULL NAME, handed me the business cards of store general manager and assistant store manager and refused any kind of help. I guess his name is Ian C.


So here I am as a customer having paid almost hundred dollars for not activated software, having to go through hours and hours of call center calls. If I had bought the software online most probably none of this would happen.


If BestBuy is not going to own problems at point of purchase then why are they selling software?


Honestly, my time, many hours that I will spend waiting for an agent hoping to resolve the issue is much more valuable than $99. I will suggest everyone NOT to buy software from BestBuy.


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All point of sale prepaid cards get activated in the system. They should be the ones who can help you since their system did not activate it.


A Best Buy rep may be able to help you with this but right now they have limited forum hours for the next couple of days. Your patience is appreciated while they get to your post. 

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Welcome to the Best Buy forums gyurtyapan-


I'm a firm believer of supporting local shops every chance I get also, and I'm disappointed you're having difficulties activating your Office 365 Home.  Discovering your purchase is Final Sale, according to our Return and Exchange Promise, would be upsetting to say the least, but I'm hoping you've had the opportunity to work with Microsoft to rectify the situation.  


I'd be happy to take a closer look into this if you're still need our assistance.  We apologize for the delay, and appreciate the time you've spent reaching out to us!



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