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Purchase new citi bank card 10% back, no points given, horrible Cust. Service

October 23, 2022 - I had been considering getting a TV for the longest time. My wife and I walked in to Best Buy yet again to check out the TVs. This time we spent about 2.5 hours with a rep chatting about the TVs. His info was very helpful.

He help me combine TV and soundbar, and told me about the 10% cash back when applying for the My Best Buy Visa Credit Card.


We go to check out, and I check all my info is right, but then for the first time out of all the confirmations, he reaches over and taps the screen for me. I didnt think much of it, but maybe I should have. I really just trusted the rep since his knowledge had been spot on up to this point. Further down the days, I check my rewards history, and I am only getting 1% back in rewards for $4000 purchase. Not even 5% for the credit card benefit.


I called customer service, was told to wait for the points to be posted 15 days. My you that the credit card has a term that your first purchase has to be within 14 days, tricky when they tell you to wait 15 days. Called again was told the same. Finally on my third call, someone is able to tell me that the reason is because the purchase option selected was 0% interest on the card. I never cared for that - I paid the card off within days of the purchase.

I was adviced to go into the store.


November 16, 2022 - I went to the store for another hour. Only one person in the whole store knew about doing anything with this issue, and they were clocking off in 10 minutes. The employee called Cust Service and was adviced to refund the original purchase and redo the purchase and call back to get the 10% back in rewards. The employee had to leave, so the employee who helped just sent me home.


November 21 & 22, 2022 - I've been calling Cust Serv. over trying to explain that the 2nd and only other transaction on my Citi card was done because of the mistake in the first transaction. No one seems to listen and just stick to the line of you already made the purchase on October 23, 2022.


Its great that I get "VIP customer support" but no one seems to be able to listen and try to help with the issue.

I was hung on 4 times, with 5 different agents while they "check on my case."

The agents asking for a call back number is completely pointless and none of them called me back.

I was sent to Citi bank because the agent would say they are the ones that have to approve/confirm my rewards.

Citi bank would send me back saying that they have nothing to do with rewards, as that is a Best Buy benefit which makes sense.


This experience has just so draining. I dont even care for the credit card or the totaltech membership anymore. None of it helps.

I had seen that the same thing happened to a user here: New-Bestbuy-citi-card-10-cash-back-as-rewards-Bad-customer 


Has anyone else had to go through this ridiculous customer service?

I dont blame the reps. they just repeat the same training over and over and hold no grudge, but man, the process has been so draining.


See call log below. Each call lasted at minimum an hour.


BestBuy Call Log

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Re: Purchase new citi bank card 10% back, no points given, horrible Cust. Service

Hello. sss_irc.

Thank you for reaching out to us here on our forums.  I can definitely understand wanting to take advantage of the 10% cash back.  I will be more than happy to look into this further and see what options may be available.  I see you sent a private message as well and I will be glad to continue helping you there so I am able to collect some information.  


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Re: Purchase new citi bank card 10% back, no points given, horrible Cust. Service

Thanks for your interest and reply

Sent you a private message back.