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Purchase experience and price match

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I've had a terrible experience with a recent purchase and am wondering if there is anything Best Buy can do.


This can all be found under orders details for for my account on phone {removed per forum guidelines}. All created in Bellevue, WA store.


The whole story goes like this:


1) I purchase an LG washer dryer pair beginning of May along with 3-year warranty from Best Buy.

2) It gets delivered and installed, but shakes a lot so I presume it wasn't balanced correcltly.

3) I do research online, and instead of asking for rebalancing, go in for an exchange for a more expensive LG pair

4) The person at the store albeit friendly, screws up the exchange by forgetting to add the stacking kit on the new order.

5) On the day of the delivery, the delivery company calls and asks about stacking kit, I say I dont have one but the old one is there. Their response is that the old one is marked for return so they cant use it and I need to reschedule after getting the stacking kit.

6) Again, I go to Best Buy the same night, they say they cannot update the order because it is "In Transit"

7) Fine, so I go again the next day, they said they'll order the stacking kit on a separate order and reschedule applizance delivery to a time after the stacking kit arrives.

8) Stacking kit doesnt arrive on time, so I go to Best Buy again the day before delivery. The person helping there says that the best way to do it is I find my own way of getting the stacking kit, so fine, we cancel the stacking order from #7 above. Then, we reschedule the delivery for later. On this day, I ask the employee that the pair I bought is now 200$ cheaper, (each unit from 854 to 749 due to memorial day sale), can they do something about it? To this, I am told that because the order is In Transit, they cannot do it and I can call them after its delivered to do it.

9) I go home and order a new stacking kit online (from best buy) and a pick up from about 40 mins away. I pick that one up next day

10) Then, the washer dryer is comes on a Friday as scheduled, but the washer unit is dented and its door doesn't close.

11) So I call them up to re-re-re-schedule as per the delivery persons. After a wait of 30mins, we reschedule it for a Wednesday.

12) Finally, the unit arrives, is installed and I am happy to be done with it.

13) I go in to Best Buy today, ask about the $200 discount from Memorial day. Apparently its too late now so I ended up paying 200$ more for something that I probably 200$ in gas for.


If you think it was painful reading this, imagine the pain going through this. Only reason I was able to cope with all this is because the people at the store were polite throughout and a lot of the issues seemed to be related not to their shortcomings but to the poorly organized logistics at corporate level such as not being able to issue a price match after purchase, not having a stacking kit or even being able to transfer it from its own warehouse 40 mins away, not being able to update orders, etc.


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Re: Purchase experience and price match

Greetings des4ij-


With the silver lining being the politeness when you visited the store many times, I’m sad to know you had to put forth so much effort to get a working pair of appliances, but I completely understand why you’d reach out to us on the Best Buy forums to share! 


Using the phone number you provided at the time of registration, I had a chance to view the many cases that have been opened up on your behalf.  I’m showing a case manager has been assigned, and you’re set to have an appointment in the coming days to remedy the leveling.

Please continue to work with your case manager, and I’ll be sure they are provided your post.  Thanks for taking the time to register with the forums, and rest easy knowing your case manager is there to help!



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Re: Purchase experience and price match

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, this is still not acceptable for two reasons.

1) It doesn't answer my price match question wherein I lost the price match because the washer/dryer delivery period overtook the sale period

2) I had the appointment to balance it again. They came to my place again and guess what, the people that came were installation experts not balancing experts so they did nothing other than waste more of my time. You can check the conversations I've had over phone or the voicemails that were also left to me. They all said that I had problems with the washer shaking, not installation, and yet I have to deal with another mishap caused due to no fault of my own.
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Re: Purchase experience and price match

Hi des4jj,


Thanks for the follow up regarding your appointment. As JJ isn't currently available I do want to ensure your concerns will still be addressed as quickly as possible. I’m deeply apologetic that the latest appointment scheduled did not go the way we would hope. While your case manager should be best equipped to assist with questions regarding your delivery and installation, I will be happy to look further into your situation.


So I can do that, I will need to confirm additional information. Please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and original order number. You should be able to send a private message by clicking on the blue "private message" button in my signature. Thank you!



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