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Product not in box

Today, I went to the Tysons VA store and bought what was supposed to be a wireless router, but when I got home and opened the box, instead of the product I paid for, there was newspaper and squirrel food. So, I drove back to the store to return it, and the manager, "Josh", told me he would not process the return, and that I might be able to contact "corporate". I have no idea how to do that. I went to and used the chat bot, who told me to contact the store. After I told him the manager at the Tysons store where I made my purchase told me he could not help, the person I was chatting with told me to call the Reston VA store. So, I called the 888 number and explained what happened, and the rep told me that he would contact the "special team" to get me a return label. I repeated to him that I would not be returning anything but a box filled with newspaper and squirrel food, and then put me on hold or about five minutes, and returned, telling me to go back to the store. I am now waiting on hold to reach the store. I have not spoken to anybody at the store, but I have been on hold for about 45 minutes. I have been buying from best buy for years, and I think this might be the last time I buy anything here ever again...

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Re: Product not in box

Hello ergu,


Welcome to our support forums, and thanks for choosing to shop with us.  If I were to purchase a router and discovered what was inside the packaging was instead some newspaper and squirrel food, I’d be quite put off to say the least.  I was unhappy to read that you’ve encountered such troubles while reaching out to us for assistance with this matter.


While I’m not able to guarantee a particular outcome, I’d appreciate the chance to look into your purchase further.  Please see that I’m sending you a private message to gather more information, which you can view by logging into the forum and selecting the orange envelope at the top of the page.


Thanks for posting,

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Product not in box

Thanks, Sam. I replied to your DM with more details.


Also, for anybody interested, I actually looked at the "newspaper" crammed in the box, and it's a circular from a local grocery chain, so this was definitely a local crime that my local store should probably be a little bit more interested in. If they don't want you bolting out the door with stolen merchandise, they probably shouldn't want you to scam them by returning empty boxes that you were clever enough to shrinkwrap in order to fool gullable managers.

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Re: Product not in box

Hey again, 


I just wanted to send a follow up here as well since you have been working extensively with our associate, Alison,  on Twitter. Our Twitter,  Facebook, and Forums platforms are all worked by the same team,  so Alison let Sam know that she'd be the one to speak with you. 


Kindest regards, 




Faith|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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