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Problems returning a gift

I'm hoping that Best Buy reviews these postings regularly because I can't find a way to complain any other way...


Last Friday I received a gift from a friend that she had purchased on She indicated that I could exchange it for something else if I chose, and since I was in the market for a new iPad I decided to do that. On Saturday I went to a Best Buy store and told the customer service rep that I had received a gift and wanted to return it. I had an email from Best Buy indicating that a gift was on its way to me, and there was a barcoded "ship to home" label on the box I received. But no formal gift receipt. When the rep completed the return he told me to go get my iPad and come back to customer service for an exchange.


I did not want to do this because I wasn't sure if what I wanted was in stock, and I also worried that I had no record of the return so if that particular rep was not there I might have trouble with an exchange. So I asked for a gift card. The rep consulted a couple of other reps and finally a manager came to help. It turns out that the rep had not flagged the return as a gift (though he admitted I told him that it was). So instead of being able to issue me a gift card, he told me the credit was issued back on the card of the gift giver. As it happens, she knew I might do a return. But imagine if she didn't know. In that case she would have seen a credit and known that I returned her gift. So it would have been an insult to her, and an embarrassment to me.


The manager said that they could cancel the return but that since it had gone through it would take a few days to process and make a gift card available to me. While I pondered the situation I was able to get hold of my friend. She offered to send me an eGift card for the same amount as the return. The manager thought that made sense. However, although my friend immediately received emails indicating that the eGift card had been purchased, she never got an email with a link to the actual card. And neither did I. While we waited, I looked at and picked out the iPad that I wanted. At this point it was probably about an hour since the eGift card was ordered, and still no email was received. I gave the order number of the card to the sales rep but he was unable to find the code that they needed to scan for the gift card.


The sales rep offered me a $50 discount on the iPad, and told me to buy the iPad that day, and come back to the store when I finally got the eGift card. Then I could return and re-buy the iPad using the gift card. I agreed to do this.


On Sunday, 24 hours later, still no email with the eGift card link. I tried calling Best Buy and after a series of menus I was able to leave a message for someone in the gift card service area with my order number and my phone number. (I have yet to receive a call.)


On Monday my friend went to a Best Buy store, bought a regular, physical card, and mailed it to me.


So I now have to make a second trip to Best Buy to apply the card, and my friend had to make a trip to a store because for some reason the eGift cards could not be processed. Note that she tried a second time to send an eGift card and again, despite seeing pending transactions with her bank, the orders did not go through. Why, we don't know. She called Best Buy, got transferred around, and eventually had the call dropped.


It seems to me that when the Best Buy rep admitted that the item should have been returned as a gift that they should have just cancelled that transaction and issued me a physical gift card. Why make me wait several days and force another trip when it was your mistake? Why shouldn't Best Buy be the one to wait the several days for the transaction to process, rather than the customer.


This all made for a very unsatisfying experience. You couldn't give me a gift card, the eGift card wouldn't process, and the sales rep could not see the eGift card despite having the order number. So now I'm waiting for the card to show up in the mail so I can complete this "transaction." Your systems leave a lot to be desired.

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Re: Problems returning a gift

Hello, jxgoldman,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on our community forums and taking the time to let us know about your experience with this return. We work hard to make the return or exchange process as easily as possible and I apologize that this wasn't your experience. I'm glad to hear that you were able to speak to a store manager during your visit to the store to help you work towards finding a solution to this though I can certainly understand your disappointment to spend more time waiting. 


As your friend may be aware, e-gift cards are fulfilled by our partner CashStar. If they have still not received this gift card I would recommend your friend contact CashStar support for further assistance. We would be unable to locate a gift card using this order number. 


While I understand this experience hasn't been ideal please don't hesitate to let us know if we can do anything to help you moving forward, we'll be happy to assist you as best as we can.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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