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Probably the worst shopping experience ever...

Normally, I would never go out of my way to express my displeasure with anything really. But this is a whole new level of frustration. 


Let's start from the beginning: I go to best buy (store) to purchase a new TV with a fairly painless experience considering how busy the store was and the time of year. I opt to have it delivered and 4 days later it shows up DOA. TV will not turn on at all. No power at all. 


I return to the store with the receipt to explain what happened as I did not have a way to bring the actual TV with me and the CS rep said that I must bring it in to exchange it. Also, the CS rep made it seem like it was a "door buster"' model as if it was known there was a chance it may or may not work upon arrival. Very dismissive and rude. Issue #1...


I continue to go back and forth with the rep for 30 minutes until its escalated to a manager who then says they can exchange it for another model (which did not have the same 'less' features) and cost more because the model I had was sold out. Issue #2


Few days goes by and the replacement model finally gets delivered and the DOA model is picked up. Not only am I not very satisfied with the quality of the replacment model but its smaller and not what I wanted. I felt like I was forced to settle as getting even this was such a painful experience.


Fast forward 5 years later, that TV just died....


I cannot tell you how frustrating this has been and simply had to express this.



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Re: Probably the worst shopping experience ever...




Welcome to our community. I'm always a bit amazed by how a new experience can resurrect memories with almost shocking vividness. As someone who has also been called upon to "settle" on occasion, anything new that happens with the object of my dissatisfaction brings back the old feelings. Certainly it was never our goal to instill such sentiments in you and I apologize for our having disappointed you back then, and for the resurgence of those feelings now.


Should you elect to pursue repairs for your TV, Geek Squad is ready to assist. If your TV is 42" or less, you can pursue service by carrying your TV in to your local Geek Squad. You can make a reservation by visiting We're Here to Help and selecting "Make a Reservation" under "Getting Help is Easy." If your TV is larger than 42" please call Geek Squad at (800) 433-5778 to schedule a technician to visit your home.


Please know I am grateful you've taken the time to share your feedback on these experiences with us. Best Buy cannot hope to improve for you and our other customers in meaningful ways without the input of our valued customers. 

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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