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Price as advertised

Today I went into my local Best Buy. As I was looking for a gaming headset I stumbled across these Beat by Dre Powerbeats Pros (Pink) and they were being advertised at $49.99. I went up to an employee and asked for these headphones (they were begging glass) and mentioned how they are marked at a different price and the employee said that someone must’ve misplaced them and then he told me he could NOT honor the $49.99 price. I then told him it was illegal to have a product advertised as one price and then refuse to give that price at time of checkout. I then asked to speak to a manager and the manager said he would not offer the price listed either. I have a photo of the headphones sitting right in front of the $49.99 price. How can Best Buy make this right?
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Re: Price as advertised

A careful inspection of your photo will confirm that the price tag is for a different item altogether.  Our price tags clearly have the UPC/Sku and product information on them, and none of this would have matched the incorrectly shelved item.  The employee and manager were correct, misplaced items do not qualify for a markdown and anyone could have placed the item there.  Sorry, but I would not expect any different outcome here.  

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