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Price Match iPhone 12 Pro

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Hi! I'm having a problem unfortunately with getting a price match that was promised to me-


i had went in a store to purchase an iPhone 12 Pro 128gb Blue with Verizon on Oct 26, 2020. On Nov 2 I had found that Walmart's price was $150 cheaper over the 24 months with Verizon for same model. Initially i was told I would get the difference in a generated gift card to my email. I waited a week without anything, I called back on Nov 9, they told me they were very sorry but the gift card got "denied" they told me it was denied because it had to be refunded to mode of payment initially used. The rep promised me she did it correctly, and I called back into primary support line they called it and they said everything would go through fine, at max 10 days after My call on Nov 9 as it has managerial approval and all this - or so they told me. I called back 10 days after and I got to primary care on the phone and they told me it was denied again! They said they it was denied because the system gave an error when trying to process it, and likely that the request for the price match while for me was started before the 14 days, because of the reps error in doing it wrong didn't actually get done right till Nov 9 which was outside of that period, so it was denied but not due to my mistake. I totally understand that mistakes happen I seriously honestly do, but I'm just hoping you guys are able to honor what was originally told though. The lady said, and she was indeed very nice, that she'll raise this up and I'll get back to via email in 5-7 Buisness days. But honestly I'm hoping there's something better that can be done, I raised the price match on Nov 2, well within 14 days and to not be able to use that on Black Friday is really surprising. For it to take past Black Friday really makes the gift card less meaningful or worth.  I'm hoping there's some way you can take a look at the notes and the escalations and all to be able to help, and possibly add any extra amount to the gift card due to the very large, and yes understandable (we all make mistakes, I just hoped it would be corrected way earlier) delay. 

I'll add some details here, if I should have PMd I apologize but please let me know: Customer Service Pin; {removed per forum guidelines} and the reference I have of the escalation is 

{removed per forum guidelines}. thanks in advance!


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Re: Price Match iPhone 12 Pro

I am surprised you got that far.


In the PM Guarantee cell phones cannot be matched under the following conditions:


Competitor offers including contract cell phones, service prices (including delivery and installation charges), pre-order offers, rent/lease to own items, liquidation offers, trade-in offers, items denoted as Black Friday pricing and special daily or hourly sales.

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Re: Price Match iPhone 12 Pro

Hello, Timein,


Thanks for posting on our forum regarding your recent price match experience. I hate to hear about the runaround you were given regarding your iPhone price match, as I'm sure this has been a frustrating experience. As hockeycanuckjc mentioned, our Price Match Guarantee does not cover competitor offers including contract cell phones. While what you described is not our typical practice in a price match situation, I'd like to look into your account further and see what might have happened.


To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number. I'd love the chance to review your account a bit closer. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

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