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Price Match help

On December 13th I went on best buy write and bought a TV that was $699 for pickup in my local store. The following day I looked online and noticed it was on sale for $597. I chatted with someone on the website and explained the situation and after a while he said it was eligible and I would be given back $108. I was supposed to receive an email in 24-48 hours saying it was submitted. A week went by and I never got the email so I chatted with another agent online. This agent said it could take up to 240 hours so again I waited. After still not hearing anything I tried again and was told it was submitted on the 19th and would appear in my next billing cycle (I used my best buy credit card to purchase it). My next billing cycle comes and no price adjustment still. This time I decide to call the best buy toll-free number. The agent told me that my adjustment was denied because I received a promo price, which I didn't being that the same make and model is listed today as it was when I bought it then. I asked to speak to a manager and after a few minutes he told me there was no manager and he was going to resubmit my price adjustment and I'd get an email in 24 hours. That was a week ago and I'm really frustrated at this point. They jerked me around for over a month and my window to return the TV had passed. I would have just returnedn the TV back the day I saw the price change and bought it again at the new price had I known it was going to be this much of a hassle. I would love some real assistance/guidance with what I can do please.
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Re: Price Match help

Hey, Rivro,


Thanks for reaching out to us about your experience in getting a price match. Our Price Match Guarantee is a great way to save some money on your purchases, and I try to take advantage of it every time I can. I can understand your frustration here, as it sounds like you've been told conflicting information regarding these funds and your purchase qualification.


I would like to look into this further and see what I can do to help, as well as document this experience here at the corporate campus. So that I can get started, please send us a private message with your full name, email, and phone number. Looking forward to hearing back from you!




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