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Price Match Nightmare.

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I've literally gone from in-store, to over the phone, to now registering an account on the forums in search of some help. So here goes....


Earlier today I walked into a BestBuy store and picked out a XFX Radeon RX 580 8GB GTS Black Edition. It is a graphics card for a computer setup I'm looking to build. I noticed the price was lower on and proceeded to ask a computer sales associate if they priced match newegg. His exact words were, "Uhm, no. We only price match big stores." A computer sales associate, someone trained to be selling computers in your stores, doesn't know that is one of the leading online retailers for computer products. Not only that, it is outlined in your policy that you do indeed offer a price match for newegg. I then showed him the policy on your website and he continued to argue with me that the store would not honor the price. I grabbed the card, walked over to the customer checkout area and got rang up. There they informed me that they could not honor the price match because it was not the exact same item. Sad thing is, that it is the. exact. same. item.


From there I called BB Customer Service to not only file a complaint about the store associate, but also wanted to see if they could verify the price match and contact the store to give me the same price. I spoke with a Matt, who in turn told me the price match could not be honored because the product on was being sold by newegg but fufilled by someone else. I took this as a loss, and called it a day.


I am now getting home from work and on my home desktop look up the card on SOLD AND FUFILLED BY NEWEGG.COM. So that means your customer service associate was lying? Or clearly needs glasses. I've provided both links to the same exact card. If you can't price match after this, I've lost all hope. Thanks.

Here are the links to same exact card for both BestBuy and -{removed per forum guidelines} -

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Re: Price Match Nightmare.

Hello, ChrisPena, and welcome to our online community!

Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Forums, although I'm sorry you were not able to receive the support you were looking for in-store or over the phone regarding the price match for this graphics card. I love getting the best deal on a purchase, and I can understand wanting to inquire further about our Price Match Guarantee and if this item would be covered under policy.


I further apologize for the runaround you seem to have been given, and for any misinformation you received. While we do price match to Newegg, our Price Match Guarantee further states that the product must be a matching brand, model number, and color to qualify. That being said, I notice that Best Buy's model number is RX-580P8DBDR, while Newegg's model number for the graphics card is RX-580P828D6. Since these are not identical, we will be unable to price match this item.


If you have any further questions or concerns please let us know here. We are always happy to help with anything else you might need.



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