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Preordered Galaxy S22 Ultra

I preordered two identical Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultras on 2/12/22. I was told by the sales person that they would arrive on 2/25. Like a lot of people, that did not happen. I recieved one phone on 3/1. I still have not recieved the second identical phone that was on the same order. I have been to the local store to inquire about an update and I have used the online chat. In store they have absolutely no clue and say as much. The online chat said something about forwarding it to the "backend team", but I've yet to hear anything about it. It's getting a bit ridiculous that one phone would arrive, but three weeks later the second phone on the same order hasn't. It's starting to frustrate my wife enough that she's not even sure she wants it now. It shouldn't be this difficult to get some kind of update about the status on HALF an order that hasn't been recieved.

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Re: Preordered Galaxy S22 Ultra

Hello, rizlow1981,


Welcome to our Best Buy Support forums! Getting a new phone is an exciting time and I can understand having one of the phones show up but not the other, would not be a welcome experience. 


I'd be happy to look into your order to see if I might have any information that I can share on this. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and the order number? To send the message, you can use the button in my signature below. 




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