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Pre-Order and Trade in policy at Dorchester MA Best Buy

I pre-ordered online the note 10 plus on August 8, 2019 as I learned that the blue one was exclusive to Best Buy and that they would offer me $350 off my trade in of my note 8. I was given the option to select a Best Buy store to pick up the phone, and I selected the one in Dorchester which was closest to my home. I received an email on August 22nd that my phone was available for pickup in Dorchester on August 23, and yesterday afternoon I go to the store . When I go to the mobile center, I’m asked for my name, the phone is removed from a cabinet, and the transaction process begin. I tell the technician that I am trading in my note 8 to be applied to the transaction (which was part of the online pre-order), and he seems somewhat surprised and asks another tech for assistance in continuing the transaction. The technician asks me if I have a receipt,  and thinking he meant the one for the note 10plus, I gave him the emails I had printed. He said no, and that he wanted the receipt for the note 8 I was trading in for the new phone. I told him I purchased the phone through Verizon, and that is when he told me that this store did not accept trade ins unless that phone was purchased through Best Buy. I told him that this information was not part of the pre-order process, and if I had known, I would selected a different store for pickup. I was told that my only options were that I purchase the phone without a discount for the trade in, or go to another store, and have them cancel the preorder and purchase the phone straight out. Extremely upset by this, I’m now forced to drive for 45 minutes  in rush hour traffic to go to the Braintree store to purchase the phone. I explained the situation to the technician, and the immediate concern was that I would lose the pre- order discount amount of $350 for my trade in phone as that offer expired the day before on August 22nd. The technician began the process of purchasing the new phone, and told me that since the pre-order special ended, the price of the trade in had dropped to $310.00, and that there was no way to backdate the transaction date to allow me to get the $350. To make some allowances for the difference, the technician asked me to select some accessories which he said they could discount, and, in addition, because the trade in amount only went in increments of $25.00, I had to pay $15 to bring the trade in value to $325.00.  After 90 minutes in the store, I was finally able to walk out of the store, traveling an additional twenty miles and spending additional money because I had never been informed of the trade in policy at the Dorchester store. This is totally and completely unacceptable  !!

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Re: Pre-Order and Trade in policy at Dorchester MA Best Buy

Hello, msosborn57,


Thanks so much for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. I'm sorry that you had to make that extra drive because the trade-in could not be completed in Dorchester.


Whether we can accept trade-ins or not is determined by local law. You can find a list of stores that do not provide trade-ins here.The store in Dorchester is the only Massachusetts store where we cannot accept trade-ins. 


That said, I'd like to take a closer look into this for you. Please send me a private message by using the link in my signature below this post. Please include your name, email address, phone number, and that original order number for me.


Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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