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Positive Feedback on Customer Service

First time visiting the Best Buy location in Conroe, Texas, store #865. June 26th, 2019 at 5:30pm. Came in looking for a drone that fit my budget. As a first time drone buyer, I didn’t know what to look for other than one that can shoot video and pictures. Upon entering the store, I asked if they had an expert in drones and was introduced to Shaun. I showed him a drone I saw on their website and he pointed it out to me; also gave me the specifications. But he said if I wanted to splurge a little, he recommended the Mantis Q. It was very nice and a little above my budget but not much. I decided to get the Mantis. He also helped me pick out the best carrying case for it and wasn’t too costly. Shaun was a very big help and gave excellent customer service!