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Poor customer service

                           I am a long time customer of Best Buy, I was shopping at a store here in Las Vegas and I have never been treated so disgracefully in my life than I have from the employees at this location on Maryland.  I was in the store for quite awhile just window shopping and admiring all the cool and amazing technology that has recently came out. Everything was completely fine until I got to the smart home section. I was looking to purchase a set of smart lightbulbs when i noticed an employee just staring at me and wouldn't stop. Every single isle i went down that same employee was right there following me, after i noticed he wasn't looking or asking any other customers if they needed helped. I started to feel so uncomfortable i couldnt even focus on what i was doing, all i could think about was this employee staring and following me to the point i felt so violated and harrassed.  So i just set my things down, i had said something to my boyfriend and he asked the employee if he had a thing for me the way he was staring at me. So we continued to walk out the store and the security 86ed us. I was so mind blown and flabbergasted by the whole situation, i asked the security guard why i was getting 86ed and he just said your no longer able to come on these premises and thats it. So i proceeded to ask him what the managers name was and he wouldnt even look at me and just pointed to a wall  said on the wall is the info you need. I left feeling so discriminated against and judged and i had absolutely no idea why. As soon as i left i called the store to speak to the manager and a lady gets on the phone and she pretty much said there isn't anything she can do and she supports what her employees did. I asked her what was the reason I got 86ed and she said i was messing things up in the isles. So i asked her what the employees name was that was following me around and she said she didn't know. I asked her if she could check the cameras and also to check to verify that i wasnt messing anything up in the isles. She said no she doesnt have time to help me. I told her well i do have time so i can wait and she refused to find out who it was that was harrassing me for no reason or to try to find out if i really was messing the items up or not. I asked her when the store manager was in because she said she was an assistant and she said she doesnt know. She made it very clear she didnt want to help me and she could care less how upset i was about the whole situation and try to make things right, give customer service, her job. I am in disbelief how poorly i was treated not only by employees but management as well. All i wanted was an apology for getting 86ed for no reason and to get the 86 dropped but i got a slap on my face. Im going to contact Action 13 news, the better business bureau,  womans rights group, whoever i can and will contact to make everyone aware how poor Best Buys customer service is. I dont want anything except for everyone to be aware if they step foot into best buy they might get harrassed and managment stands by the way their employees treat their paying customers. Thank you.

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Re: Poor customer service

I would like an investigation by HR done to veify I did nothing wrong and was wrongfully 86ed and treated poorly by all levels of employees at this location.
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Re: Poor customer service

Hi, Emannm0601,


Thanks for connecting with us on our forums. It is disappointing to hear about your recent store experience. We want all of our customers to feel comfortable when they are in our stores and I'm sorry to hear you may have felt differently. 


We would love the opportunity to get more clarity around what happened and help address any coaching/training opportunities may be present. Would you be able to send us a Private Message with more information? Please include all the information you are able about who you spoke to, when this occurred, etc. Please also include your full name, email address, and phone number so that we can properly document this. 


We look forward to hearing from you! 

Austin|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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