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Poor customer service at Best Buy Coralville, IA store

My experience today at the Coralville, IA Best Buy store is probably the rudest I have encountered.


I had an appointment to have my iPhone serviced & when I arrived, there were Geek Squad employees busy with other customers. However, there was one female employee on the phone who could have acknowledged me & said, "I'll be with you when I'm off the phone" or something. So, I stood in front of the desk & wiated for someone to free up. Then a guy, who wasn't wearing a Geek Squad shirt but was from Customer Service, came around the corner with another customer & went to a register, maybe to make an appointment for her. I then saw the sign saying, "Please wait here for the next available agent." I waited behind that customer for a while & more customers came in behind me. As it got busier, another Geek Squad employee came & took the person behind me even though there was clearly a line formed. So, I went to the Customer Service guy & asked why the employees had taken the person behind me & he said he wasn't actually Geek Squad & acted as if I were standing in the wrong line. I pointed out to him the sign stating that people should wait there for the next available agent. He then said to me, "I'll be happy to move the sign for you" which was a response meant to belittle me. He should be fired from Customer Service.


I actually spoke to the store manager, but he looks like he is the same age as the Customer Service guy so I am not confident that anything will be done.

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Re: Poor customer service at Best Buy Coralville, IA store

How did the customer service person know that you were waiting on geek squad and the person behind you needed somthing else?
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Re: Poor customer service at Best Buy Coralville, IA store

Welcome to our community, User917356.



There are a few occasions (thankfully only a few) where the service I've encountered has been so sub par that I became unsettled to say the least. It is never our goal to be that lax in serving our customers to be sure and I always get a bit rankled when I hear about experiences like you've described. I apologize for your having been looked over during your visit to our Coralville Geek Squad Precinct and for the seemingly unfriendly way in which you were addressed.


You didn't mention if you were able to complete the action for which you visited. Did you ultimately get the needed service for your iPhone? You said you spoke to a manager. Was he able to address you concerns satisfactorily?


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