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Poor customer experience, lost an elite plus customer

First of all, I get it.  Nobody wants to work for Best Buy, it's painfully obvious at every level of the customer experience, but things have gotten so bad that it's actually been preventing me from purchasing products from Best Buy.  (I'm posting this here because I don't like being verbally abused by the chat or phone support agents) 


Here is a customer experience story for you:

Last Saturday my partner wanted to take me shopping for a few things (OLED switch for me, Instant pot, macbook pro, monitor for said macbook pro, earbuds, and mayb a laptop for me).  I said "lets go to best buy" because I was expecting, I dunno, lets say a normal shopping experience.  We spent hours trying to deal with various best buy stores.  We couldn't figure out why we weren't being allowed to buy a stupid OLED nintendo switch.  We saw them for sale in the store, but we weren't allowed to buy them... no explaination from the staff.  We eventually bought a normal switch, and we purchased the rest of the stuff at other places.  

Later, we found out about this weird 'total tech support' thing, which would have let us buy an OLED switch... but nobody freaking told us that in store, AND I'M AN ELITE PLUS MEMBER ALREADY!!!  I already pay for the extended tech support on my purchases!!  I had no idea this was a thing, and nobody in the best buy would explain this.

Between my partner and I, we spent $7,500 on Saturday... which would have all been spent at best buy if it wasn't for this terrible customer service experience.  We purchased a $300 nintendo switch from best buy...  If someone would have just told me I needed to get the tech support with the switch then we would have just bought everything at best buy right there.  


I think I'm done with best buy at this point.  I'm not saying "I will never," but I value myself and my time too much to deal with this.  I would have had a better experience at walmart or costco.  If I can get an item somewhere else I will.  Best Buy is now my 'last resort' shopping outlet.  


To sum it up.  The Best Buy total tech support harms the customer experience, and your company lost 1 best buy elite plus customer (long term harm), it lost $7,200 in sales on Saturday, and it lost one potential new customer (my partner).  

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Re: Poor customer experience, lost an elite plus customer



IDK, something weird is going on with those Switch devices. A friend was trying to purchase one for her kid, just a couple of weeks ago. She actually wanted a cheaper, regular model, which the website said was available at the store she went to, and could be "picked up in 1 hour". The store reps were flat out refusing to sell her one of those with no good explanation, and just kept telling her the OLED model was all she could buy that day. She ended up just buying an OLED unit, so it was the end of that. It's possible that they reserve a number of units for online purchases, since so many people do store pick up now, so while they have them there physically, they're not allowed to sell them in store? Just a guess.

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Re: Poor customer experience, lost an elite plus customer

Good afternoon, DeeH,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us. 


As it sounds like you’re aware, the Best Buy Totaltech membership offers our customers a variety of benefits, from around-the-clock tech support, to exclusive access to featured savings and member pricing on a variety of items.  We strive to ensure all our employees are well-versed in the specific sales we might be offering at any given time, so I apologize if this information was not relayed to you during your visit to your local Best Buy store.


While I’m glad you were eventually able to make your purchases elsewhere, it’s disappointing to hear this experience has led you to question your future with Best Buy.  I do hope you’ll consider shopping with us after some time, so we might provide you a better experience during your next visit.


All the best,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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